First SDG in Cebu, attended by many

Last March 4, 2020, the first Survivors’ Discussion Group in Cebu for 2020 was held at the Southpole Central Hotel in Cebu City. A total of 230 individuals showed up and attended the meeting.

            During the meeting, the programs and projects of the commission were relayed to the attendees. They were informed about the latest developments regarding the Freedom Memorial Museum and were invited to attend the Educational Outreach Activity at the University of San Carlos campuses. They were also informed that the agency is starting their acquisition process and that they are looking for artifacts that may be donated to the museum and for survivors who are willing to be interviewed about their experience during the martial law period. All collected data will form part of the materials that may be used in the galleries of the museum later on.

The last part of the meeting was an open forum were the attendees were encouraged to share their concerns and ask questions. Some of the questions raised by the attendees were concerns about the process on the application for reparations. Most of the attendees were alleged victims of Marcos Martial Law 1972-1986 and were not able to apply in the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB). They were re-informed that the HRVCB has ceased operations.