Roll of Victims

The Roll of Victims is the official list of Martial Law 1972-1986 era victims, including the place of incident of the violation against them, as resolved by the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB), an independent and quasi-judicial body created by R. A. 10368 to receive, evaluate, process and investigate reparation applications of Human Rights Violations Victims, as defined by R. A. 10368. 

In providing financial assistance to Martial Law victims, the HRVCB, as per the HRVCB Board Resolution 002-2015 dtd March 04, 2015 Annex A “Legal Guide on Definition of Human Rights Violations and Awarding of Points Under RA 10368”, organized a point system hierarchy for the violations committed to a victim. It ranged from Ten (10) being the most severe to One (1) being the least; various abuses fall under different points which served as the reference of the organization in allocating assistance to the victim.  The Roll of Victims has been divided into this point system.


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10 Points were awarded to those Killed or Disappeared and Still Missing. Killed refers to those killed by a state agent without due process of law while exercising their civil and/or political rights and include death as a result of torture, where torture is the proximate cause of death. Disappeared refers to arrest, detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty committed by state agents or by persons or groups of persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiesence of the State followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which places such person outside the protection of the law.

9 Points were awarded to those Tortured resulting in mutilation where victim was deprived, either totally or partially, of some essential organ of reproduction; with rape; with other forms of sexual abuse and, in consequence of torture, the victim shall have become insane, imbecile, impotent, blind or maimed for life; committed against children; resulting in insanity (temporary or permanent), complete or partial amnesia, fear of becoming insane or suicidal tendencies of the victim due to guilt, worthlessness or shame and other chronic/recurring instances of mental and psychological neurosis/disorder. 9 points were also awarded to those Raped or Forcibly Abducted. Rape may be committed by a man who shall have carnal knowledge of a woman through force, threat or intimidation; when the offended party is deprived of reason or is otherwise unconscious; by means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of authority; when the offended party is under twelve (12) years of age or is demented, even though none of the circumstances mentioned above present. It may also be committed by any person, who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in previously, shall commit an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into another person’s mouth or anal orifice of another person. Forcible Abduction is the abduction of any woman without consent and with lewd designs or the abduction of a child under twelve (12) years of age with lewd designs.

8 Points were awarded to those Tortured resulting in mutilation of other parts of the body or the victim losing the power of speech, the power to hear or smell, an eye, a hand, a foot, an arm or a leg, the use of any such member, or shall have become permanently incapacitated for labor, or the victim becoming deformed or losing any part of his/her body other than those in preceding paragraph or losing the use thereof or having been ill or incapacitated, for labor for a period of more than ninety days. 8 Points were also awarded to victims of Corruption of Minors or the promotion or facilitation of the prostitution or corruption of persons underage to satisfy the lust of another.

7 Points were awarded to those Tortured with other forms of sexual abuse and the victim did not become insane, imbecile, impotent, blind or maimed for life; resulting in psychological, mental and emotional harm other than insanity, complete or partial amnesia, fear of becoming insane or suicidal tendencies of the victim due to guilt, worthlessness or shame; where the victim has been ill or incapacitated for labor for not more than ninety (90) days; where the victim was placed in a secret detention place and/or to effect or cause to effect solitary confinement, incommunicado or other similar forms of prohibited detention where torture may be carries out with impunity. 7 Points were also awarded to those violated by Acts of Lasciviousness, Qualified Seduction, and Consented Abduction. Acts of Lasciviousness are committed through force, threat, or intimidation; when the offended party is deprived of a reason or is otherwise unconscious; by means of fraudulent machination or grave abuse of authority; when the offended party is under twelve (12) years of age or is demented, even though none of the circumstances above be present. Qualified seduction is committed by any person in public authority who has carnal knowledge of a virgin over 12 years and under 18 years of age. Consented abduction is the abduction of a virgin over 12 and under 18 years of age carried without her consent with lewd designs.

6 Points were awarded to those Tortured by cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment (CIDT) as defined under R. A. 9745 and all other forms of torture not falling under any of the above. 6 Points were also awarded to those violated by Simple Seduction and Acts of Lasciviousness with the consent of the offended party. Simple seduction refers to having carnal knowledge of a single woman or a widow of good reputation, over 12 but under 18 years of age committed by means of deceit. Acts of Lasciviousness with the consent of the offended party refers to acts of lavisciousness of a child over 12 years and under 18 years of age committed by an person in public authority and acts of lavsciousness of a single or a widow of good reputation, over 12 but under 18 years of age committed by means of deceit.

5 Points were awarded to victims of Arbitrary Detention if the detention exceeded six months.

4 Points were awarded to victims of Arbitrary Detention if it continued for more than fifteen days but not more than six months.

3 Points were awarded to victims of Arbitrary Detention if it continued for more than 36 hours bur not more than fifteen days.

2 Points were awarded to victims of Involuntary Exile from the Philippines when violence or irresistible force, not resulting in physical injuries as defined by the Revised Penal Code, was employed against the victim who was not arrested or detained and which gave rise to reasonable belief that there was continuing arrest or harm to be inflicted upon the victim or their family.  2 Points were also awarded to victims of Unjust or Illegal Takeover of Business if it affected the livelihood or survival of the victim, or the value of property. 2 Points were also awarded to victims of Kidnapping or otherwise exploiting children of persons suspected of committing acts against the Marcos regime; Sexual abuse committed without lewd intentions or designs against detained Human Rights Victims and/or in the course of conducting military and/or police operations; or Physical Injury committed against a person, not amounting to torture or CIDT, while in the exercise of his civil and political rights and was rendered unproductive for 90 days and more.

1 Point was awarded to victims of Involuntary Exile when there was no force/violence but there was intimidation, where victim was not arrested or detained, which gave rise to a reasonable belief that there was continuing threat of arrest or harm to be inflicted upon their person or property or family; Unjust or Illegal Takeover of Business and Physical Injury committed against a person, not amounting to torture or CIDT, while in the exercise of his civil and political rights and was rendered unproductive for less than 90 days.

NamePlace of Incident
Abacial, Merean SabandejaSamar
Abacial, Ronnie SabandejaSamar
Abad, Cesar Llenado Davao Oriental
Abad, Francisco CudalCagayan
Abad, Lourdes ReborosoCagayan
Abaigar, Anecito NabualSamar
Abalajen, Jose MabesaSamar
Abalos, Juanito AnchetaSurigao Del Sur
Abalos, Lorita OblinoSamar
Abalos, Rolando Dacuma Samar
Abangon, Rogelio BarinitApayao
Abangon, Unni LanagApayao
Abantao, Tito Jose Jr.Samar
Abas, Omar ManebpelMaguindanao
Abayan, Pelimon Quebec Jr.Samar
Abdul, Kumpania LalySultan Kudarat
Abdul, Mamang MangcoMaguindanao
Abdul, Mangacoy LalySultan Kudarat
Abdul, Meni GuimlasMaguindanao
Abdul, Wahab ZamanMaguindanao
Abdula, Solem CortezDavao del Sur
Abdulkarim, H. Adam AlidingSultan Kudarat
Abdulla, Gemma SaaliTawi-Tawi
Abdullah, Ali DapakMaguindanao
Abdulrahman, Usman AbasMaguindanao
Abdurauf, Saribin Pulalun 
Abedin, Sabaniya LinggawangNorth Cotabato
Abegonia, Rogelio AbainciaSamar
Abejuela, Corazon MabutasSamar
Abejuela, Marevic MabutasSamar
Abella, Eduardo JaboneroCebu
Abella, Segundo VallesSamar
Abendan, Daniel BracamonteSurigao del Sur
Abendan, Mario BracamonteSurigao del Sur
Abendan, Richan QuijanoCebu
Abiog, Antonio Torralba Jr.Metro Manila
Ablang, Rafael RodelQuezon
Ablang, Virginia VillasayaQuezon
Ablao, Arturo Sanchez Camarines Sur
Ablao, Jose Clave Camarines Sur
Abogada, Carlito DayuhaZamboanga del Sur
Abon, Antonio PagaduanSamar
Abonal, Severino Delos SantosCamarines Sur
Abpi, Daud Ebus Maguindanao
Abuso, Lopecino OnacAgusan del Norte
Acapulco, Donata AchacosoEastern Samar
Acapulco, Godofredo AchacosoEastern Samar
Acaso, Crisanto Bacsarpa Jr.Agusan del Norte
Acbar, Digandang AdamMaguindanao
Acebedo, Nolito HermosoZamboanga
Acebedo, Roy Lorenzo HermosoDavao
Acebedo, Vicente NuñezIsabela
Acio, Federico Padron Sr.Quirino
Acosta, Rogelio ButayCagayan
Acsimar, Eulogio TrocioNegros Occidental
Acson, Elfren RomeroNegros Occidental
Acuram, Jaime ParajaoZamboanga del Sur
Acuram, Mario NalamZamboanga del Sur
Acuram, Pacifico ParajaoZamboanga del Sur
Adam, Akmad KamidMaguindanao
Adam, Noraisa GalmanNorth Cotabato
Adapon, Flordeliza AnggotZamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Juana AnggotZamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Lucio Anggot Jr.Zamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Lucio LagareZamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Nilson AnggotZamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Ronaldo AnggotZamboanga Del Sur
Adapon, Wilfredo AnggotZamboanga Del Sur
Adezer, Roger Afog Sarangani
Adezer, Rosemen Apitan Sarangani
Adezer, Urdanita Apitan Sarangani
Adora, Noli BaluyotNorthern Samar
Afable, Petra AmongoEastern Samar
Afdal, Biyo MaonMaguindanao
Afdal, Kalunsiang LakmatMaguindanao
Agacita, Mario PallerZamboanga del Sur
Agan, David AlagosAntique
Agcaoili, Marcelo MarallagIsabela
Agcaoili, Simplicio MarianoCagayan
Agosto, Isaganie MangitngitSurigao del Sur
Agote, Tomas NacarSamar
Agote, Vedasto NacarSamar
Agron, Ludencio DacuycuyIlocos Norte
Agub, Valdez MembrosIsabela
Agudong, Damian LazaroIsabela
Aguila, Zosimo CandorQuezon
Aguilar, Zorro CamposZamboanga del Norte
Aguillon, Elma CawaliAgusan del Norte
Aguirre, Danilo MagatBulacan
Agunday, Joel TabujaraNegros Occidental
Agustin, Felipe TamayoIlocos Norte
Agustin, Jaime Chua Sr.Negros Occidental
Agustin, Ludrigo UdaniAntique
Agustin, Willy RafaelDavao del Sur
Agwaking, Badeng GalaoAbra
Agyao, Lam En WalayKalinga
Aisa, Eskak Mokamad HadjiMaguindanao
Aisa, Kalima MokamadMaguindanao
Aisa, Tahir Mokamad HadjiMaguindanao
Aisa, Tarhata Mokamad HadjiMaguindanao
Aiso, Ernesto ManlimosSouthern Leyte
Akmad, Nambay BalabadanMaguindanao
Akoy, Osie SalendabMaguindanao
Alagao, Francisco JulianoTarlac
Alamada, Alay SalamanMaguindanao
Alamada, Kusay BenangCotabato
Alamada, Tasel BenangCotabato
Alang, Pendaliday GuinaidMaguindanao
Alayon, Mandoon SabakDavao del Sur
Albaira, Demetrio ZamoraZamboanga del Sur
Albaño, Luis RagodonQuezon
Albia, Serafin VillajuanZamboanga del Sur
Albiso, Miguel SarcesDavao del Sur
Albofera, Basilio Escorial Davao del Sur
Alcantara, Jose Esteban Camarines Norte
Alcomendras, Felix OrbitaDavao del Norte
Alcomendras, Tirso OrbitaDavao del Norte
Alconga, Ricardo De Los Reyes Sr.Pampanga
Aldaya, Abondio PeridaNegros Occidental
Alegre, William DelosendoNegros Occidental
Alegria, Margarita MañosoNorthern Samar
Alegria, Narciso LebjiaSamar
Alegria, Narciso ObienaSamar
Alferez, Ariston BoldadoZamboanga del Sur
Alferez, Leona SellioteZamboanga del Sur
Alferez, Ricardo SellioteZamboanga del Sur
Alfonso, Ompac AngkayDavao del Sur
Alfonso, Rogelio De Guzman Pampanga
Algarme, Roman RamiloDavao Del Sur
Algo, Jaime AsisEastern Samar
Ali, Guima ManguntoMaguindanao
Ali, Mamasaunda TinagoanCotabato
Ali, Mandiot LibunganCotabato
Ali, Marvin ManaloSouth Cotabato
Alih, Fatimah UddinTawi-Tawi
Alim, Abad NengenMaguindanao
Alivio, Claudio BacongZamboanga del Sur
Alladen, Herculio RomayDavao del Sur
Allesa, Lolita MonteroIloilo
Allesa, Pio AlitreIloilo
Almanon, Egmedio Estanislao Negros Occidental
Almonte, Eddie KipkipanAgusan del Norte
Almuena, Jesus AlbaAlbay
Alojado, Romeo AlmoresNegros Occidental
Alonaid, Carlos BorladoAgusan del Norte
Alongan, Hadji Aisa MambayMaguindanao
Alongan, Omar MokamadMaguindanao
Alsonado, Epifanio AmacainZamboanga Del Sur
Alsonado, Eustaquio BanglosZamboanga Del Sur
Alsonado, Julito AmacainZamboanga Del Sur
Alsonado, Regina AmacainZamboanga Del Sur
Alsonado, Romana BanglosZamboanga Del Sur
Alto, Jose RaymundoMetro Manila
Alvarez, Emmanuel IgtibenCavite
Alvarez, Marsman TuringanQuezon
Amancio, Rodolfo PeñalozaCotabato
Amante, Salvador AbibwagSamar
Amate, Rodolfo AlcantaraIlocos Sur
Ambucay, Ulysses TenorioAklan
Ambulotdo, Lunan Afdal Maguindanao
Amella, Rasid BaladMaguindanao
Amella, Usman CaupalCotabato
Amesola, Aurelio ArdenisLanao del Norte
Amilasan, Melda IttingTawi-Tawi
Amilul, Gani AkbarZamboanga del Sur
Amilul, Janahudin AkbarZamboanga del Sur
Amistad, Felomino MalindogEastern Samar
Amistad, Tomas ValdemoroEastern Samar
Amolo, Marcelino SalaMetro Manila
Amores, Emerita EngocMisamis Occidental
Amoyan, Casiano Sumeguin Sr.Eastern Samar
Amparo, Roberto AmpoloquioSouthern Leyte
Ampoloquio, Victoria PaderoMisamis Oriental
Ampuan, Tubal MarohombsarLanao Del Sur
An, Pedro BrazaQuezon
Anaque, Cecelio ArreEastern Samar
Andal, Reynante Concha Oriental Mindoro
Andayao, Bodo AmbarasZamboanga del Norte
Andayao, Lucia AmbarasZamboanga del Norte
Andraje, Jessie AmorIloilo
Andres, Juan MingmingIsabela
Andres, Trifonio NonDavao Del Sur
Angeles, James EusebioSouth Cotobato
Angeles, Raul SantosBatangas
Anggol, Khol SalisipanDavao del Sur
Angkanan, Guinalon Manumbok Sultan Kudarat
Angkanan, Michael Gogo Sultan Kudarat
Angwas, Rodolfo QuijadaAgusan del Sur
Angwas, Rodrigo QuijadaAgusan Del Sur
Aningal, Antonio OrielNegros Occidental
Aningal, Eleoterio DuranNegros Occidental
Aningal, Feloteo OrielNegros Occidental
Aningal, Luciano OrielNegros Occidental
Aningal, Vicente OrielNegros Occidental
Ano-os, Domingo Nacion Zamboanga del Sur
Ano-os, Gemma Calma Zamboanga del Sur
Ano-os, Rogelio Calma Zamboanga del Sur
Ano-os, Rosita Calma Zamboanga del Sur
Anok, Saidona SapalMaguindanao
Anos, Leopoldo AnacletoAntique
Ansale, Berano AndaoZamboanga del Norte
Ansale, Inday DangatonZamboanga del Norte
Antas, Abdul Lampanak Sultan Kudarat
Antonio, Romeo MagsipocAntique
Apalisok, Catalino Almendras Jr.Davao del Sur
Apalisok, Danilo Almendras 
Apara, Oscar Emboy Agusan del Norte
Aparis, Amando Culta Jr.Davao del Sur
Apit, Rosalina WitaraPampanga
Apitan, Edito Zoilo Sarangani
Apitan, Elino Castardo Sarangani
Apitan, Juan Ygoña Jr.Sarangani
Apitan, Luis Salvador Jr.Sarangani
Apitan, Luis Zoilo Sr.Sarangani
Apitan, Pamfila Zoilo Sarangani
Apitan, Recky Zoilo Sarangani
Apitan, Ronito Zoilo Sarangani
Apon, Sittie PiliLanao del Sur
Apura, Alberto OrtigasSouth Cotabato
Apura, Dennis DioquinoCebu
Apura, Elias OrtigasSouth Cotabato
Apura, Hernanie Ortigas South Cotabato
Aquino, Conrado Garian Jr.Leyte
Arab, Arasiya HandingZamboanga del Sur
Arab, Ayub KalunZamboanga del Sur
Aradillos, Zaldy PelayoZamboanga del Sur
Aragon, Esteban Casas Metro Manila
Arambala, Romualdo CabarlesSamar
Arandia, Felipe Capagalan Eastern Samar
Arandia, Pedro CapagalanEastern Samar
Araza, Potenciano MinoloSamar
Arbizo, Glicerio ElnasDavao Del Sur
Arce, Merardo TuasonCebu
Arce, Pedro Feleciano Jr.Quezon
Arce, Santiago BitacAbra
Arceo, Ferdinand MirasolIloilo
Arceo, Renato MungcalTarlac
Arcete, Jesus B.Agusan del Norte
Arcilla, Raymundo BuscaynoTarlac
Arela, Mercedes RemondeDavao del Sur
Arela, Patricio CocedoDavao del Sur
Arevalo, Alexander CuraMetro Manila
Ariola, Ricardo LagguiIsabela
Armadilla, Oscar SumagdonSamar
Armadilla, Romualdo S. Sr.Samar
Armea, Juliet CupinoMisamis Oriental
Armia, Pastor BalisbisaLaguna
Arnaiz, Rosemarie Clenista Sarangani
Arnan, Carlos MontecilloSarangani
Arnoco, Thomas BustrilloZamboanga del Sur
Arquiz, Benefrida YebronNorthern Samar
Arquiz, Gemma YebronNorthern Samar
Arquiz, Pio AlegriaNorthern Samar
Artiaga, Gavino Abo-aboZamboanga del Sur
Arzadon, Joselito VergaraZamboanga del Norte
Arzaga, Harrison Abello Negros Occidental
Asoy, Medy CastilloSarangani
Aspa, Anselmo PerezAgusan Del Sur
Aspa, Fortunato PerezAgusan Del Sur
Aspa, Jovelyn Lacro Eastern Samar
Asuncion, Filomena GambalanIsabela
Asuncion, Juan Sayo Jr.Cagayan
Atienza, Rolando LunarQuezon
Atsoy, Baby SaligZamboanga del Norte
Atsoy, Egnascio Simbula-anZamboanga Del Norte
Atsoy, Roseminda SaligZamboanga del Norte
Aurel, Erminio ColanganNorthern Samar
Aurel, Petri GalitNorthern Samar
Aurel, Virginia Galit Northern Samar
Avanceña, Luther Dominguez Misamis Occidental
Aycocho, Emerlinda De MesaQuezon
Ayob, Guialil GalebMaguindanao
Ayob, Sagiara TaguegayaMaguindanao
Ayunan, Madtog GuiamelMaguindanao
Ayunan, Sma PuwasaSultan Kudarat
Azares, Silvestre Bun Jr.Pampanga
Azucena, Carlos Suansing Davao del Norte
Babao, Claudio Samante Jr. Agusan del Sur
Babao, Eduardo CarbellidaNegros Occidental
Bacalso, Martin GastanesCotabato
Bacar, Sangki BulinsakSultan Kudarat
Bacaron, Jesus CopasDavao del Norte
Bachicha, Eugenio MabulaySamar
Bacolod, Carmela PensergaDavao del Sur
Bacolod, Rogelio AloDavao del Norte
Bacsarpa, Jose OliverosAgusan del Norte
Bade, Marcelo LuceroZamboanga del Sur
Bael, Enrique BardajeSamar
Bagarino, Alejandro SabusabEastern Samar
Bagasbas, Alberto BerceCamarines Sur
Bagnes, Marilyn PinsiloQuirino
Bagood, Gregorio Paso Southern Leyte
Bagotao, Petronila SimbulanZamboanga del Norte
Bagsalao, Consorcio Enomar 
Baguing, Romeo RavalIlocos Norte
Baguio, Agustin BelocoraZamboanga del Norte
Baguio, Daniel Sumalinog Agusan del Sur
Baguio, Victor BiongEastern Samar
Baguion, Manuel Cartagena Jr.Davao del Sur
Bahiyo, Benjamen SanakayNegros Occidental
Bais, Concepcion DuranZamboanga del Sur
Bais, Lolita DuranZamboanga del Sur
Bais, Wilfredo DuranZamboanga del Sur
Bajado, Fedelino JarbeloEastern Samar
Bajado, Gina OvinaEastern Samar
Bajado, Matilde OvinaEastern Samar
Bajado, Melanio EscalaSamar
Bajado, Myra OvinaEastern Samar
Bajado, Yorico LeguinEastern Samar
Bajao, Jose Jessie BaclayoDavao Del Sur
Bajao, Restituto AcebuSurigao del Sur
Balaengan, Abraham PagtanCagayan
Balagapo, Elpedio CebreroEastern Samar
Balalio, Remigio CascayanIlocos Norte
Balalio, Ruselvino CascayanIlocos Norte
Balambad, Tunggal PanudsingMaguindanao
Balambao, Regalado SaguindelAgusan del Sur
Balanay, Arsenio MiguelApayao
Balaod, Jerilito LumbabMisamis Oriental
Balaod, Tito SauraNegros Occidental
Balat, Edzel MomokanMaguindanao
Balatero, GregorioZamboanga del Sur
Balatero, Noralyn GuineaZamboanga del Sur
Balatero, Reglyn GuineaZamboanga del Sur
Balatero, Romeo GuineaZamboanga del Sur
Balawen, Antonio PasipasIlocos Sur
Balayan, Alfonso JimenezNegros Occidental
Balayan, Ricarido PacañaNegros Occidental
Balayanan, Sapayla KasulotanCotabato
Balbag, Ernesto BucayoIlocos Norte
Balberona, Salvador CampuganMisamis Occidental
Balbuena, Amado ParcasioSouth Cotabato
Balbuena, Ricardo PascuaSouth Cotabato
Balcanao, Rodolfo MalaggayAbra
Baldejueza, Rosauro Portes Quezon
Baldejueza, Victoria PortesQuezon
Baldos, Manuel TokalQuezon
Baleña, Rebecca TiuWestern Samar
Balendres, Teodolfo HamocZamboanga del Sur
Baliad, Gene WalesAgusan del Norte
Balibis, Thing AbdulahMaguindanao
Balicao, Luis PormosoApayao
Balicao, Marina BalagbagApayao
Baliguas, Gregorio BulañozQuezon
Balindong, Monera SaripLanao Del Sur
Balindong, Nasser Plawan Lanao del Sur
Balingbingan, Lucila AdaneNorthern Samar
Balintona, Gregorio RamirezIlocos Norte
Balios, Dolores AdinoSamar
Ballan, Gabriel JacosolSamar
Balnao, Fabio AlikmasKalinga
Balon, Saul CerenoCamarines Norte
Baloro, Bonifacio RujerasZamboanga del Sur
Baloro, Lucia CubioZamboanga del Sur
Balucan, Francisco BetonioAgusan del Norte
Balucan, Luis CayongcongZamboanga del Sur
Balucos, Casimero BalansagAgusan Del Sur
Bandala, Panimbangan UsmanSultan Kudarat
Banga, Alfredo Carato Negros Occidental
Banga, Joseph BarroCotabato
Banga, Marcelo TedioCotabato
Bangcaray, Dalmacio BalequiaEastern Samar
Bangco, Noel SanchezBataan
Bangi, Severa LibunganIlocos Norte
Bangi, Tranquilino BaridIlocos Norte
Bannar, Freddie PadamaIlocos Norte
Bantang, Alexis SangilanAklan
Bantas, Katiguia KalimaCotabato
Bantilan, Roberto BulalakaoZamboanga del Norte
Banton, Juan BelgaCamarines Norte
Baonga, Kambi MarangitMaguindanao
Baque, Eduardo Canites Sr.Eastern Samar
Baque, Geronimo CanitesEastern Samar
Barang, Asa O.Maguindanao
Barbin, Felix CuyaSorsogon
Barbosa, Venancio Turquesa Sr.Cagayan
Barcelo, Cesar IbonaZamboanga del Norte
Barcelona, William SumagaysayNegros Occidental
Bareng, Romualdo Morales Davao del Sur
Bargayo, Danilo SalduaNegros Occidental
Bargayo, Marcial Carreon Misamis Occidental
Barias, Dominador SuarezZamboanga del Sur
Barid, Constancio BalbinoIlocos Norte
Baring, Carlito AbajoCotabato
Barnido, Pacifico CaraelZamboanga del Norte
Barotas, Gilbert DianeSouth Cotabato
Barrameda, Martin Estomata Camarines Sur
Barranda, Domingo AustriaQuezon
Barrientos, Joselito SalongcongAklan
Barros, Ma. Lorena MorelosQuezon
Barrozo, Johannes BautistaNueva Ecija
Barrueso, Lorenzo BentilloSamar
Bartolabac, Antonio CabosasAgusan del Sur
Baruis, Edmundo BatalunaNorth Cotabato
Basada, Ildefonso AbinaSamar
Basalon, Kutig PananguilanCotabato
Basilia, Iñigo CampoEastern Samar
Basque, Mandongan GansingCotabato
Bastian, Eduardo EleuterioNegros Occidental
Batag, Danglayupan MasalayCagayan
Bathan, Ponciano Nestor GuevarraNueva Ecija
Batiles, Rizal Regalado Sr.Northern Samar
Battawang, Francisco PabloKalinga
Battog, Lubiki NagayosIfugao
Batula, Alfredo Samar Sr.Samar
Baui, Roger CambriIsabela
Bautista, Erodita AntonioAntique
Bautista, Federico FranciscoNegros Occidental
Bautista, Jimmy SegoviaAntique
Bautista, Renato OcejaNegros Occidental
Bayabos, Victoriano TrinidadBukidnon
Bayang, Dilawaten MalgesSultan Kudarat
Bayani, Eduardo MagoCamarines Norte
Bayao, Dandia MasukatCotabato
Bayao, Datu Lidasan Sultan Kudarat
Bayuna, Romulo TangpuzLeyte
Bazar, Severo PabiaAgusan Del Sur
Belandres, Flaviano AmancioAgusan del Sur
Belayro, Absalon BiansonNorth Cotabato
Belinario, Jose BatoyAklan
Belvestre, Teresita Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Belvestre, Vicente Tiopes Zamboanga del Norte
Benengkilan, Rahib EdraelMaguindanao
Benengkilan, Surender Edrael Maguindanao
Bengco, Alejandro Agustin Sr.Pampanga
Benito, Kamad Nanayo Maguindanao
Berana, Nestorio Cantos Quezon
Bermeo, Renato EsplanaQuezon
Bernate, Alejandro Garganera Jr.Northern Samar
Beruega, Jose GarciaCamarines Sur
Biag, Ricardo Waje Sr.Davao del Norte
Biang, Sambutin PusdanSultan Kudarat
Bibitan, Banie ManudiLanao del Sur
Bicera, Patricio BernardezAbra
Bico, Danilo EvoraQuezon
Bielza, Alfredo OaniDavao Del Sur
Bilagot, Rosito Martin Sr.Kalinga
Billones, Juan PielZamboanga Del Norte
Binago, Teban Kilat Sultan Kudarat
Biñas, Rufino GarofilSorsogon
Bineg, Patricia SenoIlocos Norte
Bioy, Elvie ZamoraSurigao del Sur
Biron, Dalmacio Maceda Sr.Eastern Samar
Bisagre, Leopoldo OrdanzaQuezon
Biso, Julian MarpeBukidnon
Bitagun, Felimund GaranCagayan
Biton, Guillerma SolitoZamboanga del Sur
Biton, Zenaida SolitoZamboanga del Sur
Blando, Jaime ValeraAbra
Blanqueza, Victor ReleSorsogon
Blas, Catalino Deldoc Bataan
Boco, Cresciencio SillaEastern Samar
Bocog, Samuel ElicZamboanga del Sur
Boligor, Purita AvanceñaMisamis Occidental
Bollido, Clodualdo Gabway Jr.Samar
Bonalos, Alger Calam Misamis Oriental
Bonalos, Aniven CalamMisamis Oriental
Bonalos, Eric CalamMisamis Oriental
Bondoc, Marciano BaguingTarlac
Bonhoc, Wilfredo Penetrante Davao del Norte
Bontal, Noh SangkalangTawi-Tawi
Bontal, Sorab SangkalangTawi-Tawi
Bontia, Elma InotZamboanga del Sur
Bontia, Juan MedinaZamboanga del Sur
Bonus, Isabelo Aguas Jr.Tarlac
Borlongan, Edwin De GuzmanBulacan
Borromeo, Rudy GadotMisamis Oriental
Boston, Danilo LabadorDavao del Sur
Bote, Avelino ReyesNueva Ecija
Bragais,  William BenameraQuezon
Brazil, Alberto AbalosSamar
Brigole, Charlie ChicoteDavao del Sur
Brigole, Jovic ChicoteDavao del Sur
Briones, Jaime Mauricio Sr.Abra
Buan, Reynaldo LaquindanumPampanga
Bubos, Pablo Malaga Camarines Sur
Bucag, Melchora VillegasMisamis Oriental
Bucag, Renato II VillegasMisamis Oriental
Bucag, Renato LagoMisamis Oriental
Bucali, Mama GuiapalSultan Kudarat
Bucali, Uteng Guiapal Sultan Kudarat
Bucar, Alberto EmpinadoNegros Occidental
Buctot, Casiano TabayagSouthern Leyte
Budiongan, Juanito Tedio Cotabato
Buenaventura, Dioscorro CruzBulacan
Buenaventura, Juan CruzBulacan
Bugay, Amado GuintoBataan
Bugay, Carlos Silva Sr.Bataan
Buka, Kensayan BangkulitMaguindanao
Bula, Reynaldo LegionEastern Samar
Bulat-ag, Bonifacio HampacZamboanga del Norte
Bulat-ag, Eliezer BelagantolZamboanga del Norte
Bulauan, Domingo BuragaIsabela
Bullecer, Teodoro Flores Zamboanga del Sur
Bumangabang, Rosita TapayaonBenguet
Bumbulen, Maliga MadkaymamaMaguindanao
Bunagan, Arturo Infiel Isabela
Bundas, Babai LumontodMaguindanao
Bungag, Martin MagwasCagayan
Bunnot, Bilando DulnuanIfugao
Buntag, Agripino ClavicillasMisamis Oriental
Buntag, Belden QuitorianoMisamis Oriental
Buntag, Conrada MarbaMisamis Oriental
Buntag, Rogelio MarbaMisamis Oriental
Buque, Jaime CubillasAgusan del Norte
Burgas, Sulficio Aro Negros Occidental
Busa, Lupo Caspe Eastern Samar
Bustamante, Cecilio OrtegaDavao Del Sur
Bustamante, Chona OrtegaDavao Del Sur
Bustamante, Judito OrtegaDavao Del Sur
Bustillos, Hernani AlemaniaIloilo
Butantan, Silvino JaimeMisamis Oriental
Buto, Edsrael KalunsingMaguindanao
Cabador, Arcelito AniñonZambaonga Del Norte
Cabador, Teody AniñonZamboanga del Norte
Cabael, Constancio PaclitaSamar
Cabale, Elpedio Rabosas Sr.Agusan del Sur
Cabales, Cristeta BuenavistaNegros Occidental
Cabaljao, Edgardo AbanagSamar
Caballero, Costancio Dela CruzNegros Occidental
Cabalquinto, Milagros NavajaLeyte
Cabangunay, Charito MabilanganSamar
Cabangunay, Florencio GabiaWestern Samar
Cabangunay, Jose GabisanSamar
Cabangunay, Romeo MabilanganSamar
Cabarles, Francisco CandoladaIloilo
Cabaro, Rolando PardianCagayan
Cabarrubias, Tranquilino Damulo Agusan del Norte
Cabaruan, Enrique CasayCagayan
Cabasa, Selverio SalingsingBataan
Cabase, Faustino Abay Abay Jr.Davao del Sur
Cabatingan, Isagani AganapDavao del Sur
Cabatu-an, Gorgonio LabongSamar
Cabauatan, Lolito BacudIsabela
Cabayao, Antonio CastorIloilo
Cabayao, Salvador JawodIloilo
Cabe, Neri DucarnoyNorthern Samar
Caber, Gil MedalloMetro Manila
Cabico, Mateo LagatIsabela
Cabigayan, Benigno AbegoniaWestern Samar
Cabigayan, Carlito LabadoSamar
Cabigayan, Juanito DelmonteEastern Samar
Cabigayan, Perfecto BasadaSamar
Cabigon, Lorenzo Sachiko MendezDavao del Sur
Cabiten, Genaro CalimpayNegros Occidental
Cabrera, Eutequio PeroramasDavao del Norte
Cabrera, Marcelino Peroramas Davao Del Norte
Cabrera, Miguel TronoPampanga
Cabrera, Romeo De Las LlagasMetro Manila
Cabrera, Vicente Libaton Davao Del Norte
Cabrillos, Magno Roquero Antique
Cabrillos, Marcelino UdaniAntique
Cabrito, Cecilio CabutinSamar
Cabuena, Felix Son 
Cabueñas, Alfredo CalusaSamar
Cabueñas, Jose JaboneteSamar
Cabueñas, Juanito CondeSamar
Cabus, Esidro GalangueWestern Samar
Caguisa, Saturnino AdaponZamboanga del Sur
Cahigas, Tiburcio PilloDavao del Norte
Cailing, Crisostomo RoaMisamis Oriental
Cais, Teodoro PasagdanZamboanga del Norte
Calago, Leon AleoAgusan del Sur
Calam, Manuel YanaMisamis Oriental
Calara, Renato DavidPampanga
Calatayud, Quirina CabasalIsabela
Calibayan, Versisimo RaymundoAntique
Calinog, Pastor DebordeCamarines Sur
Calixto, Leopoldo Yulo Jr.Iloilo
Calpito, Eliseo ReyesIsabela
Caluza, Guillermo EleriaQuirino
Cama, Jose BungalosCamarines Norte
Camansi, Candelario PugoyCebu
Camasura, Wilhemino CurachaCebu
Cambal, Manuel GaliasSorsogon
Cambal, Prudencio GaliasSorsogon
Camelion, Gualberto GomoraZamboanga del Sur
Camiging, Nomeriano EngocMisamis Occidental
Caminade, Juanito Macas Davao del Sur
Campaner, Bonifacio BabaiZamboanga del Sur
Campo, Cerilo RabagoCebu
Candelario, Nilcar HuertoNorthern Samar
Cañedo, Anecito MalotoLanao del Norte
Cañedo, Anelito SalipdanNegros Oriental
Cañedo, Guirnaldo CacoLanao del Norte
Cañedo, Nestor MalotoLanao del Norte
Cañete, Pelomino FernandezZamboanga del Norte
Canillo, Mario CabezaresDavao Del Sur
Canon, Adriano BataDavao del Norte
Canoy, Fernando CañeteZamboanga del Norte
Cantos, Domingo BaldeneroEastern Samar
Cantos, Eustaquio NialdaEastern Samar
Cantos, Fernando CatapangQuezon
Caongca, Romeo SuyodNegros Occidental
Capangpangan, Filomino Muñez Sr. Zamboanga del Sur
Caputol, Paterno LaureñoZamboanga del Sur
Caraca, Jerry TabosoAgusan del Sur
Caracol, Leonora CapuyanZamboanga del Sur
Caracol, Merlita CapuyanZamboanga del Sur
Carbadilla, Tito DelobioNegros Occidental
Carias, Topino MarcialNorthern Samar
Carillo, Emmanuel RamilDavao del Sur
Carin, Samuel Balagosa Sr.Davao del Sur
Carmelotes, Celestino DuradoMisamis Oriental
Carreon, Ireneo BibasZamboanga del Sur
Caseria, Vicente CastigadorIloilo
Casia, Saturnino TotorSouth Cotabato
Casio, Napoleon CalambaSurigao del Sur
Castillo, Aquilino MoisesAntique
Castillo, Cornelio GelvoleaNegros Occidental
Castillo, Igmedio CalisQuezon
Castillo, Myra Dela CruzIsabela
Castillo, Rodolfo ObiasNegros Occidental
Castillo, Vicente AntonioAklan
Castro, Pablo MananquilTarlac
Castro, Rolando MawiratPampanga
Casulla, Emmanuel DollentasCamarines Sur
Catacutan, Vicente FerrerTarlac
Catalla, Cristina Melania FarmaMetro Manila
Catano, Henry RondaMisamis Occidental
Catapia, Leonardo AlanaQuezon
Catayao, Alfredo DorojaDavao del Sur
Catayong, Elpidio GuasisEastern Samar
Catong, Emmanuel Racaza Davao del Sur
Catubay, Benjamin CalzadoEastern Samar
Cauilan, Rogelio MaggayCagayan
Cauilan, Rosemarie MartirezCagayan
Cawaling, Renato Jr. DelimaDavao del Sur
Cawihi, Degium MarianoApayao
Cawihi, Manuel MarianoApayao
Cawihi, Puldo MarianoApayao
Cayunda, Herbert Paña Zamboanga del Sur
Celada, Vicente CatayongEastern Samar
Celestial, Artemio Somoza Jr.Rizal
Ceniza, Daniel Baulos Davao del Sur
Ceniza, Martin Baulos Davao del Sur
Centino, Celedonio SumandoranZamboanga del Sur
Centino, Engracio DominiZamboanga del Sur
Centino, Gloria DominiZamboanga del Sur
Centino, Lilia DamasonZamboanga del Sur
Centino, Onopre DominiZamboanga del Sur
Ceron, Juan ZapeCamarines Sur
Chavez, Expedito BallerasSamar
Chavez, Quinciano SoloQuezon
Checa, Jorge MontenegroZamboanga del Norte
Chiva, Coronacion CaroIloilo
Cimacio, Reynaldo TecsonDavao del Sur
Cipriano, Conrado MolinaCagayan
Clarete, Ronillo Noel MendozaCavite
Clave, Felipe PantoliagaSurigao Del Sur
Codis, Juan SegurelDavao del Norte
Colagong, Toribio AlcantaraQuezon
Colaljo, Alipio PadayhagMisamis Occidental
Colombres, Gonzalo Yanguas Jr.Negros Occidental
Compra, Godofredo BersalesMisamis Occidental
Concepcion, Edwin BarrientosAklan
Concepcion, Horacio MuñozPampanga
Conde, Manuel PomarejoSorsogon
Condez, Probo Sapata Jr.Aklan
Constantino, Lucenio TacoyDavao del Sur
Consultado, Ernesto Somooc Eastern Samar
Copia, Constancio BerjaSorsogon
Coral, Fernando PelarejaSamar
Coralde, Pepito DavidSurigao del Sur
Coronel, Pompeo LumawagDavao del Sur
Corpuz, Jesus CasauayIsabela
Cortel, Rogelio BestudioSurigao del Sur
Cortez, Batanto DulaDavao del Sur
Cortez, Catule MeroDavao del Sur
Cortez, Delfen MacambolDavao del Sur
Cortez, Delia dela RosaBataan
Cortez, Hernando MondoySouth Cotobato
Cortez, Martin LutoDavao del Sur
Cortez, Medior RehangDavao del Sur
Cortez, Mokael MamunoDavao del Sur
Corullo, Benedicto DaculloCamarines Sur
Corvera, Nilo VarelaSurigao del Sur
Cotoniel, Rovelino RositAgusan del Norte
Crismo, Romeo GuilaoCagayan
Crisologo, Rosita SantosIsabela
Cruzat, Leonito UnaQuezon
Cubacub, Cesar DungcaPampanga
Cube, Juanito MorallaLaguna
Cue, Lolita VeloCagayan
Cue, Pedro CabanadaCagayan
Cuizon, Bernaldo LameriaSurigao del Norte
Cuizon, Calixtro LameriaSurigao del Norte
Cuizon, Emerito ArdienteDavao del Norte
Cuizon, Julieta SultanSurigao del Norte
Cuizon, Karen SultanSurigao del Norte
Cunanan, Maximiano ClarinTarlac
Cupat, Alfredo CadenaSouthern Leyte
Cupat, Avelina UsaresSouthern Leyte
Custodio, Alfredo RodilQuezon
Cutad, Rene ViernesMisamis Occidental
Dabuet, Leonardo EbiasSamar
Dabuet, Romualdo EbiasSamar
Dabuet, Torivio LabongSamar
Dacallos, Nestor OcaslaSamar
Dacara, Hermenigilda DaclagSamar
Dacles, Charito CabiEastern Samar
Dacles, Paulino GabianaSamar
Dacles, Pedro DabalSamar
Dacuro, Adriano AbiganSamar
Dacutanan, Marianito CabadsanSamar
Dacutanan, Prudencio CabadsanWestern Samar
Dacuycuy, Orlino CamaligIlocos Norte
Dada, Cecilia MartinCagayan
Dada, Felimon MedranoCagayan
Daez, Florencio PolicarpioMetro Manila
Dagasuan, Jaime Tabamo Misamis Oriental
Dagdag, Leon ApayCagayan
Dagenday, Miliyan LatabanMaguindanao
Dagpin, Jonorio Pagasi-an Jr.Zamboanga Del Norte
Dagus, Leonardo Gamba Bukidnon
Dailisan, Leonides MaglunobAklan
Dalayan, Gualberto BalidioAgusan Del Norte
Dalid, Kongkong SanaMaguindanao
Dalida, Anacleto ConcepcionCavite
Dalipe, Samuel VargasDavao del Sur
Dalisay, Fortunato MatiasAntique
Dalisay, Remegildo PalaciosAntique
Dalundong, Abubakar PalakasiMaguindanao
Damalan, Ibrahim Bekao Maguindanao
Dancel, Orlando Morales Isabela
Danid, Oscar TonioCapiz
Danny, Abubakar UriTawi-Tawi
Danny, Amina UriTawi-Tawi
Danny, Elina UriTawi-Tawi
Danny, Elisa UriTawi-Tawi
Danny, Elvina UriTawi-Tawi
Dapilos, Consolatrix RentoriaQuezon
Dapog, Eliseo GunayQuezon
Daracan, Carlos Lampad Isabela
Datucali, Budta KatugtogCotabato
Datul, Juanito SalaguintoIsabela
Datumanong, Lumna LimbonaLanao del Sur
Datumanong, Umpara BasherLanao del Sur
Dauran, Deogracias Peralta Jr.Camarines Sur
Daut, Almaquio Ronquillo Jr.Surigao del Sur
Davantes, Reginaldo FabriaSamar
David, Arline DavidPampanga
David, Ireneo DavidPampanga
Dawadao, Dalunag MalimagKalinga
Dayanan, Michael OnyotNegros Occidental
Dayandog, Kadatuan GuilabayanMaguindanao
Dayday, Victorino BulaEastern Samar
De Guzman, Isaac Cacho Jr.Pangasinan
De Jesus, Jeremias SiapoTarlac
De la Fuente, John Herbert LahaylahayIloilo
De la Paz, Remberto AlcantaraSamar
De Leon, Marcos KadanoCagayan
De Los Santos, Florencio JontilaAntique
De Mesa, Silvestre ComedaCamarines Norte
De Mesa, Teodocio ComedaCamarines Norte
Deguiñon, Felipe PialaZamboanga del Norte
Deheran, Pepito LumantaPampanga
Deiparine, Gregorio Olly Jr.Davao del Sur
Del Rosario, Carlos BernardoMetro Manila
Del Rosario, Nimfa BorrasIfugao
Dela Cruz, Adriano LumelayCagayan
Dela Cruz, Bienvenido BergadoSamar
Dela Cruz, Carlito ParasPampanga
Dela Cruz, Edgardo SilvestreSouth Cotabato
Dela Cruz, Henry AsisIsabela
Dela Cruz, Jeremias Almazan Cagayan
Dela Cruz, Jolito CasirayanCagayan
Dela Cruz, Jonathan SilvestreSouth Cotabato
Dela Cruz, Juanito Alagos Jr.Negros Occidental
Dela Cruz, Melecio EstanislaoCagayan
Dela Cruz, Rodolfo Quilang Cagayan
Dela Cuesta, Mario Sr. EltagonDavao del Sur
Dela Fuente, Edward Oliver LahaylahayAklan
Dela Peña, Luciano Lazaga Davao del Sur
Dela Torre, Rodolfo Latabe Negros Occidental
Delanto, Teodoro Asilia Agusan del Norte
Delatado, Alex AlemanAgusan Del Sur
Deldoc, Danilo VillanuevaMetro Manila
Delfin, Angelo MacoteNegros Occidental
Delfin, Johnny VingnoNegros Occidental
Delmonte, Marciano CabonayganSamar
Delmonte, Pablo AcabaSamar
Delos Angeles, Samson VillaluzCamarines Norte
Delos Santos, Alfredo ErminoSorsogon
Delos Santos, Cirila BalidiongNegros Occidental
Delos Santos, Federico Sabuyan Cagayan
Delos Santos, Joenes BalidiongNegros Occidental
Delos Santos, John BalidiongNegros Occidental
Delos Santos, LeonardoOriental Mindoro
Delos Santos, Mary Joy BalidiongNegros Occidental
Delos Santos, Reynaldo ParilloNegros Occidental
Delos Santos, Victorino TalosigCagayan
Delumbar, Henry Alegarvez Davao del Sur
Demandante, Delfin CalucinQuezon
Demegilio, Rodney AranaNegros Occidental
Demetillo, Rodio DemonteverdeNegros Occidental
Deragosa, Rico SuperableDavao del Sur
Deroca, Ramil EnguitoMisamis Oriental
Descanzo, Isaac CapindingTarlac
Destinado, Randy Relampagos South Cotabato
Diamban, Rolando MaitDavao del Sur
Diasan, Renato CarlosCagayan
Diatining, Norberto PinoyNegros Occidental
Diaz, Angel SembranoNegros Occidental
Diaz, Fernando JimenezCapiz
Diaz, Herminigildo Dela CruzIsabela
Diaz, Juliana DiazCapiz
Diaz, Rodrigo Dela CruzIsabela
Diaz, Romeo PimentelPangasinan
Diaz, Wennie JimenezAklan
Dicasaran, Asnawi MusaLanao del Sur
Dicasaran, Dianisa MusaLanao del Sur
Dicasaran, Lilango MusaLanao del Sur
Diga, Roberto PardilloDavao del Sur
Dilindigen, Dimalta AlangMaguindanao
Dimaano, Joselito IbanaQuezon
Dimalen, Saida DimalaoMaguindanao
Dimalilay, Uyag UsopMaguindanao
Dimampao, Kadil PadianNorth Cotabato
Dimarob, Kambong KatugSultan Kudarat
Dimarob, Sailila KambongSultan Kudarat
Dimarob, Ulok KambogSultan Kudarat
Dimasangkay, Magsaysay DodinSultan Kudarat
Dimaukom, Ongkig KasanMaguindanao
Dingal, Apolinar Catubig Jr.Zamboanga del Norte
Dingcong, Demosthenes BinigayLanao del Norte
Dinglasan, Bonifacio ManguiatQuezon
Dionela, Eduardo Española Sr.Antique
Ditucalan, Senaida DimaliposLanao del Sur
Docdoc, Julieto BanzonAgusan del Norte
Docena, Andres CalimEastern Samar
Docto, Enrique Nuevacobita Negros Occidental
Dodin, Abdul DimalinMaguindanao
Dodin, Ali DimalinMaguindanao
Dogillo, Ereneo Dogayo Jr.Sorsogon
Dojillo, Edgardo GalveNegros Occidental
Doligon, Santos CalatayEastern Samar
Dollentas, Patrocinio Grajo Sr.Sorsogon
Domasil, Sambutuan AmpalCotabato
Domingo, Carlito Bassig Cagayan
Domingo, Francisco Corpuz Cagayan
Domingo, Silme GarcianoWashington, USA
Dongallo, Claro DonizaEastern Samar
Doniego, Santos Imbierno Sr.Cagayan
Doromal, Nestor Agbon Davao del Sur
Dorotan, Manuel GabitoCamarines Norte
Dubria, Marcos OperioAntique
Ducado, Domingo Yngcong Jr.Capiz
Duclay, Antonio OblinoEastern Samar
Dueñas, Ruth EmataDavao del Sur
Duka, Bontario ArapatMaguindanao
Dula, Antolin BantiloSamar
Dulag, Macli-ing ChalliyongKalinga
Duldulao, Mauricio MaquidangTarlac
Dulva, Romulo BarbenSorsogon
Dumandan, Precillano Bato Compostela Valley
Dumapis, Melanie GulahoQuirino
Duquiatan, Clodualdo Cinco Sr.Davao del Sur
Duquiatan, Eluminada ViboraDavao del Sur
Duquiatan, Josefino ViboraDavao del Sur
Duran, Efepania TolingNorthern Samar
Duruin, Crispolo GazmenCagayan
Duyag, Henry Cavo Surigao del Norte
Ebrahim, Abdulgani MamatonCotabato
Echano, Elpedio LequinMisamis Occidental
Echano, Romano AyoLeyte
Echavez, Juan Barnacia Jr.Davao del Sur
Econas, Porferio ResueloNegros Occidental
Econas, Ricardo CabunagCebu
Edo, Ugto TinagZamboanga del Sur
Edusma, Fortunato LadezaSamar
Edusma, Segundina LebrijaSamar
Ejano, Potenciano EstanillaCotabato
Elacion, Rufino AbudEastern Samar
Ellano, Raymondo LabocSamar
Elma, Ludovico Pajares Jr.Quezon
Embalsado, Raymundo AlvinaDavao del Sur
Empleo, Ernesta RivasSurigao del Sur
Empleo, Jessica RivasSurigao del Sur
Empleo, Maximino LorenSurigao del Sur
Encinas, Alfredo Del MonteEastern Samar
Encio, Juan LacutabEastern Samar
Engbino, Caridad LozanoMisamis Oriental
Engbino, Matias Delos Santos Sr.Misamis Oriental
Engoc, Cosme AmoresMisamis Occidental
Engoc, Leonides BlascoMisamis Occidental
Engroba, Cresencio Cubillan Surigao del Sur
Enogog, Kaladsuy BaumolMaguindanao
Enok, Mangadtog KebogMaguindanao
Enok, Sailila MamaMaguindanao
Enovero, Melchor NuñezCotabato
Enriquez, Albert RiveraQuezon
Entera, Alejandro TomateoNegros Occidental
Entera, Teresita PaculanangNegros Occidental
Entol, Antato KapitaCotabato
Eran, Rogelio NazarenoZamboanga del Norte
Erandio, Rodrigo Dela Peña Camarines Norte
Ernacio, Job FlorescaSorsogon
Esay, Rustico AmadZamboanga del Norte
Escandor, Juan BarramedaMetro Manila
Escario, Jesus SabelloNegros Occidental
Escarpe, Santiago Inovacion Cotabato
Escasinas, Roque Acquiatan Surigao del Sur
Escobar, Luis David Sr.Quezon
Escoredo, Rosela Hila Sorsogon
Escoro, Franciso SenocSouthern Leyte
Escoro, Teofilo PurcaSouthern Leyte
Escultura, Alejandro HalocSorsogon
Esguerra, Anastacio CortezCompostela Valley
Eslit, Nena CelerinosMisamis Occidental
Espania, Emilio TriaNegros Occidental
Española, Dennis GaupoNegros Occidental
Española, Desiderio JontilanoAntique
Espejo, Ricarte PigaoCagayan
Espelita, Ricardo EgonaDavao del Sur
Esperanzate, Calixto EstigoySorsogon
Esperanzate, Ireneo Estigoy Sorsogon
Esperon, Fernando Torralba Davao del Sur
Espiña, Marciano AcebucheNorthern Samar
Espinas, Gregorio BercesMetro Manila
Espinosa, Juan Dizon Jr.Tarlac
Espiritu, Manuel AndresIsabela
Estaban, Elpedio BertosioNegros Occidental
Estanislao, Bernaldo MabiniCagayan
Esternon, Lucio FulgarSorsogon
Esternon, Restituto HagosSorsogon
Estillore, Corsino AmpongAgusan del Sur
Estimoso, Norberto dela PazNegros Occidental
Estoconing, Santos GuardarioNegros Occidental
Estrañero, Vicente TupazQuezon
Etos, Daniel GermonesEastern Samar
Eustaquio, Raul JereosNegros Occidental
Evangelio, Ronilo TumbagaCavite
Evero, Renato OrdizSouthern Leyte
Evilla, Degolacion HilongoSurigao Del Sur
Ewam, Eddie Lawe Jr.Davao del Sur
Fabay, Rodrigo GregoreDavao del Norte
Fabillar, Ronaldo RadocSamar
Fabillar, Victorio ObinguarSamar
Fabilloren, RupertoSamar
Faelnar, Dearlyn Apitan Sarangani
Fajardo, Bibiano OleaNegros Occidental
Fajardo, Celenio LopezSorsogon
Fajardo, Vicente Las PinasQuezon
Falcon, Vicente Martinez Surigao del Sur
Famor, Dionesio DayaganonZamboanga del Sur
Faustino, Gerardo Tordesillas Metro Manila
Federis, Rolando MoralloQuezon
Felices, Benjamin BelasonMetro Manila
Fernandez, Daniel PerezZamboanga del Sur
Fernandez, Fernando Sabo Negros Occidental
Fernandez, Franklin Cepeda Capiz
Fernandez, Pablo GalvezIloilo
Fernandez, Resteta AguinaldoBenguet
Fidel, Rossel Centeno Zamboanga del Sur
Firmantes, Tito NombresNegros Occidental
Flores, Carlos LagnitonNegros Occidental
Flores, Ceferino Arbon Jr.Metro Manila
Flores, Francisco Villar Davao del Sur
Flores, Harira BinalayZamboanga del Sur
Flores, Mohammad BonifacioZamboanga del Sur
Flores, Noel Tanos Davao del Sur
Forjes, William BurgosCagayan
Forro, Joel Recabar Iloilo
Fortez, Anselmo RamosNueva Vizcaya
Francia, Perina PalayDavao Oriental
Francisco, Carlito AgustinIlocos Norte
Francisco, Romegio GaleroSamar
Franco, Robina TrajeNegros Occidental
Fremista, Warton Furio Sorsogon
Frianeza, Armando CabilisaPangasinan
Fruto, Victor Nuñez Sorsogon
Fuentebella, Vicente Rey MarfilNegros Occidental
Fuentes, Bernardino DayagDavao del Sur
Gabane, Fermin DacanaySamar
Gabane, Romeo EbiasSamar
Gabane, Rosita FabillaSamar
Gabatbat, Benito PacalinWestern Samar
Gabiana, Isidro JabolinSamar
Gabiana, Pedrito DacumaSamar
Gabijan, Ciriaco GabiaWestern Samar
Gabin, Dioscoro GabaneSamar
Gabon, Sofronio BacaracSamar
Gabon, Viviana BachichaSamar
Gabonada, Petronilo LeandaSamar
Gabriel, Leonardo Dinero Jr.Antique
Gabriel, Luis Infiel Isabela
Gac-ang, Arturo HequinSouth Cotabato
Gac-ang, Constantino Hequin Jr.South Cotabato
Gac-ang, Dominador Hequin South Cotabato
Gac-ang, Godofredo Hequin South Cotabato
Gac-ang, Ponciano Casas South Cotabato
Gaffud, Alipio EugenioQuirino
Gagbo, Serafin GabaneSamar
Gaitan, Eduardo GadnaoNegros Occidental
Galangan, Klat KebarNorth Cotabato
Galap, Abelardo ButticonIfugao
Galapin, Gleserio Alajada Negros Occidental
Galicia, Loreto OrdialQuezon
Galindez, Juanito ObienaEastern Samar
Galit, Francisco PallerNorthern Samar
Galit, Honorio Palyoc Northern Samar
Galla, Lope Irasga Sr.Eastern Samar
Gallardo, Edmundo GabiazoSorsogon
Gallaron, Antonio Gomez Iloilo
Gallenero, Pedro Gahay Jr.Agusan del Norte
Gallon, Leodigario Meralpis Jr.Sorsogon
Galura, Rafael TolentinoPampannga
Galvez, Carlos AngelesAgusan del Sur
Galvez. Daniel VillamorSamar
Gamase, Rodrigo Dasco Camarines Norte
Gambayan, Pilandok WahabMaguindanao
Gambayan, Sarpak WahabMaguindanao
Gamit, Hernando CabantogLaguna
Gampong, Ansary BalindongLanao del Sur
Ganacias, Alberto Maceda Davao del Sur
Ganado, Ernesto GalsoteIsabela
Ganagan, Esteban BasongitKalinga
Ganara, Pablito JimenezTarlac
Ganas, Rodolfo BisoBukidnon
Gandawali, Akmad ManggoSultan Kudarat
Gango, Carlino BarangIlocos Norte
Gani, Ambag AbdulMaguindanao
Garbo, Idonah RamirezCotabato
Garbo, Leona SemblanteNorth Cotabato
Garbo, Lucio DaponCotabato
Garcia, Divino CabangonCamarines Norte
Garcia, Feliciano AlcantaraNueva Ecija
Garcia, Jose CachoIsabela
Garcia, Marcelo AndresIsabela
Garcia, Rogelio AndresIsabela
Gardose, Danilo GodenesCapiz
Garsales, Alexander Aguyong Negros Occidental
Gascal, Carmelito MalanogCotabato
Gascon, Julito SanguenzaSurigao Del Sur
Gasi, Engkoy KiboMaguindanao
Gasi, Luguiamuda EndilaMaguindanao
Gasi, Soraina KiboMaguindanao
Gasi, Soraya KiboMaguindanao
Gato, Cosain BarotocLanao del Sur
Gavanzo, Cesar Grayda Jr.Sorsogon
Gawat, Salvador RosarioPangasinan
Gayas, Virgillo CastorIloilo
Gayud, Eustaquio TangaroDavao del Sur
Gayud, Eustaquio Tangaro Sr.Davao del Sur
Gedo, Buaya AbdulMaguindanao
Gelacio, Felomino BahoyoNegros Occidental
Gelilang, Agustin Cartagena Capiz
Gerardino, Andre CasidsidNegros Occidental
Gerente, Pedro Gelbuena Jr.Western Samar
Germe, Edgardo RealDavao del Sur
Geromo, Venancio PagenteZamboanga del Norte
Gido, Claudio Germedia Sorsogon
Gil, Teofilo LuntianMisamis Oriental
Gilua, Vicente BautistaAntique
Ginaga, Romeo Gurimbao Sorsogon
Giray, Selvestre AdoraNorthern Samar
Glor, Melito TierraCamarines Norte
Gloria, Isidro GoleCapiz
Glorioso, Carlito RafalesSamar
Gocela, Marcosa LlanosSouth Cotabato
Godoyo, Raymundo Caluyong Jr.Agusan del Norte
Golde, Jose GaytosSorsogon
Golez, Rodolfo Perez Negros Occidental
Gomez, Albertson BontigawZamboanga del Norte
Gomez, Roger SaydokisAntique
Gomez, Salvador Cruz Sr.Pampanga
Gomimba, Exequiel SeragonMisamis Oriental
Gonzaga, Estanislao YapeEastern Samar
Gonzales, Alexander Mecenas Iloilo
Gonzales, Pablo LebaNegros Occidental
Gonzales, Primo BelarminoIsabela
Gonzales, Ricardo Marquez Jr.Ilocos Sur
Gorres, Danilo FigueroaMetro Manila
Gozalo, Rodolfo DialZamboanga del Sur
Granadillos, Jorlan YuzonSorsogon
Grantos, Domingo DiducingCotabato
Grey, Eugene ConejeroQuezon
Gruezo, Sesinando BedolCamarines Sur
Guad, Samad UsmanMaguindanao
Guanzon, Rowel SapatanNegros Occidental
Guerrero, Lamberto MinardoSurigao Del Sur
Guevara, Edgardo SalesMisamis Oriental
Guevarra, Rogelio Salayon Camarines Norte
Guialal, Baiyan Payot Cotabato
Guialal, Sanggutin PasandalanCotabato
Guialal, Sulaida DalimbangCotabato
Guiamadil, Kasi OndoMaguindanao
Guiamadil, Madatu DansalMaguindanao
Guiamalon, Pagagao GiamadilMaguindanao
Guiaman, Pondang Geda Maguindanao
Guiamapil, Kamidon D.Maguindanao
Guiampaca, Baiputi TibanSultan Kudarat
Guiampaca, Maitum TibanSultan Kudarat
Guiampaca, Mamot TibanSultan Kudarat
Guiampaca, Sally TibanSultan Kudarat
Guiapal, Abubakar AbunawasSultan Kudarat
Guiapal, Latip Tiko Sultan Kudarat
Guiapar, Macacuna MidtimbangMaguindanao
Guiapar, Monib TunggalMaguindanao
Guiaplos, Anok BulmolNorth Cotabato
Guiaplos, Baglid BangkongCotabato
Guiaplos, Balumol BangkongCotabato
Guiaplos, Banali SilonganCotabato
Guiaplos, Guialil BangkongNorth Cotabato
Guibahon, Victor Bobby BadajosBukidnon
Guile, Abdulmajid-Tito CamalinSouth Cotabato
Guillermo, Alejandro JamenNegros Occidental
Guillermo, Armando JamenNegros Occidental
Guindoy, Maximo SumimpanZamboanga del Norte
Guinea, Angelina RamelleteZamboanga del Sur
Gumabay, Frederick GuimbawanKalinga
Gumander, Omar KumudalMaguindanao
Gumarang, Agripino BravoNegros Occidental
Gumial, Alfonso Antao Zamboanga del Norte
Gunao, Amador Dogillo Sr.Sorsogon
Gunong, Modesto Engcoy Zamboanga del Norte
Gura, Antonio ConopioEastern Samar
Guston, Marcelo TolibasSouthern Leyte
Gutas, Placido BerdalesAgusan Del Sur
Gutlay, Crispolo Gino Jr.Sorsogon
Hagos, Mario HadapSorsogon
Hagutin, Quirino TorregosaBukidnon
Hajal, Bondeng TebbenZamboanga del Sur
Hajal, Muin MustafaZamboanga del Sur
Hajas, Nely BlancaSorsogon
Halasan, Pedro Guerra Davao del Sur
Hamdan, Samman MaddahaliTawi-Tawi
Hamid, Kurin Pangawilan Maguindanao
Hamoy, Socrates GalanidoZamboanga del Norte
Hampac, Rufino CaindogZamboanga del Norte
Handugan, Aquilino Madonero Sr.Agusan del Sur
Handugan, Aquilino Salo Jr.Agusan del Sur
Handugan, Jaime SaloAgusan del Sur
Handugan, Minda SaloAgusan del Sur
Handugan, Recarda SaloAgusan del Sur
Handugan, Rodrigo SaloAgusan del Sur
Haohao, Patricio RaotZamboanga del Norte
Hapon, Mario Geroy Sorsogon
Hapon, Teofilo Gicanal Sr.Sorsogon
Hapon, Teresa RoslinSorsogon
Hatague, Andres ManliquezMisamis Occidental
Hatague, Victoria ManliquezMisamis Occidental
Hermano, Jose EviteEastern Samar
Hermogino, Carlos LamadridCamarines Norte
Hermoso, Alfonso CapuyanDavao del Sur
Hernandez, Ben AtienzaQuezon
Hernandez, Leonardo LeyesaSouthern Tagalog
Hernando, Adelina DagunanNegros Occidental
Hesona, Arsenio AlipoonNegros Occidental
Hicaro, Cesar EllaRizal
Hilao, Liliosa RapiMetro Manila
Hinay, Eduardo EgidoDavao del Sur
Hitman, Ruby Cartolina North Cotabato
Hizola, Carmilito Lorilla Sr.Sorsogon
Hizola, Gerardo LorillaAurora
Hizola, Purisimo Lorilla Sorsogon
Hollero, Manolo JubelagCapiz
Honggay, Rodrigo BanioNegros Occidental
Honor, Julieto TatoSurigao Del Sur
Hurtada, Vladimir Abelard RoxasCapiz
Husain, Labagani TalilisanCotabato
Husi, Juan Garcia Jr.Sorsogon
Ibrahim, Aisha MokamadMaguindanao
Ibrahim, Isa AdamMaguindanao
Ibrahim, Kamim TaupMaguindanao
Ibrahim, Mama TaupMaguindanao
Icao, Chaddie AcabalLanao del Norte
Ida, Fernando BagonEastern Samar
Ida, Pablo BaguioEastern Samar
Idao, Sali RabbaniDavao del Sur
Ignacio, Nilo ColobongSouth Cotabato
Ignacio, Robertson AlicandoDavao del Sur
Ikay, Diya DalambaMaguindanao
Ilagan, Dominador CandorQuezon
Ilagan, Rizalina ParabuacMetro Manila
Ilinon, Pelagio SarolAklan
Ilinon, Perseverando GarzonAklan
Iman, Mamasenged Abdul Sultan Kudarat
Impreso, Bernardino ViajeQuezon
Inciso, Jose VillanuevaQuezon
Indino, Gaudencio Batuigas III Davao del Sur
Indus, Otoy EdoZamboanga del Sur
Ingad, Oracoy GumentaRoxas
Insa, Evarsito ArasZamboanga Del Norte
Insa, Felimon ArasZamboanga Del Norte
Insa, Gaga ArasZamboanga Del Norte
Inso, Gregorio LaridoZamboanga del Sur
Intam, Jose InggasZamboanga del Norte
Intao, Fatima YasinMaguindanao
Intao, Kandado UlingMaguindanao
Intong, Felizardo MoletaNegros Occidental
Isaga, Efren SobingsobingAgusan del Sur
Isiang, Timoteo Legaspo Sr.Surigao del Sur
Isipin, Juliana CapistranoQuezon
Iyo, Jesus Marquez Jr.Misamis Oriental
Jabaan, Pedrito GabianaSamar
Jacela, James Bustamante Camarines Norte
Jacla, Emiliano PacayraSamar
Jagape, Semion OuanoAgusan del Norte
Jagonob, Dionesio PelladoNegros Occidental
Jagonob, Jose PelladoNegros Occidental
Jalea, Joel SalesNegros Occidental
Jamar, Jose Porferio Adaya Jr.Agusan del Norte
Jamen, Mario AnciongNegros Occidental
Jamen, Rodolfo AnciongNegros Occidental
Jara, Carlito JovenQuezon
Jarabe, Belen LadicEastern Samar
Jarabelo, Juvelyn ParedesNegros Occidental
Jaralbio, Julio Erazo Sr.Eastern Samar
Jarito, Henry CastilloSamar
Jaromay, Miguel Espeña Sr.Samar
Jasmin, Eleodoro BeriongNorth Cotabato
Jasul, Ramon V.Metro Manila
Jataas, Pamfilo CalibaEastern Samar
Javier, Isidro Dela CruzCagayan
Javier, Rodolfo GarilloPampanga
Jimenez, Federito CañeteNegros Occidental
Jimenez, Jessie VictorCapiz
Jimenez, Romeo ManguanTarlac
Jimenez, Salvador LozadaCapiz
Jimenez, Samuel CartacianoNegros Occidental
Jimenez, Sem VictorCapiz
Jimenez, Serafin BenCapiz
Jimlan, Fatimah MakasulotTawi-Tawi
Jimlan, Miguel MakasulotTawi-Tawi
Jocosol, Ernesto LegriaEastern Samar
Jondarino, Jaime AmarraEastern Samar
Jopson, Edgar Gil MirasolDavao del Sur
Joquiño, Puller ArmonioNegros Occidental
Jose, Dante DomingoCagayan
Jose, Makakena SamadSultan Kudarat
Juayang, Helen MalanaNegros Occidental
Julao, Renato Magcamit Oriental Mindoro
Juliano, Quirino EnaldoQuezon
Julom, Felix Araves 
Jumangpang, Warlito AripalZamboanga del Norte
Junaid, Abdulla PuansiSultan Kudarat
Jurado, Felisa AgujarDavao del Sur
Jurado, Henry RestauroDavao del Sur
Kabagel, Amilol Balimbingan Maguindanao
Kabagel, Pakad Balimbingan Maguindanao
Kabigit, Catuya EsaCotabato
Kadalim, Bangkilan LalawsanCotabato
Kadil, Hasan GumandelCotabato
Kadtug, Maniang TampunganMaguindanao
Kahulugan, Cecilio ClaudioDavao del Sur
Kalantungan, Kadil MangulamasMaguindanao
Kaludan, Taha MamaCotabato
Kamad, Gindo WalliMaguindanao
Kamaron, Esmael PanayamanMaguindanao
Kamid, Mohamad Binaning Sultan Kudarat
Kamid, Usop TuanadatuSultan Kudarat
Kanakan, Eskak EdoMaguindanao
Kanapia, Kamama KamidMaguindanao
Kanuan, Maoangking LidsobongMaguindanao
Kasan, Latip HasanMaguindanao
Kasim, Ponsiano TucaoMaguindanao
Katipunan, Alberto GilbaligaCapiz
Kawil, Mangigin AnsengSultan Kudarat
Kayadtog, Dending Zainal Cotabato
Kayadtog, Kamsa ZainalNorth Cotabato
Kending, Guialoson LasadMaguindanao
Keto, Choz MeloMaguindanao
Kibong, Boy ArolaTawi-Tawi
KIpkipan, Ricardo GalleneroAgusan del Norte
Kismali, Malani PandanZamboanga del Norte
Kulipog, Marato DalidMaguindanao
Kusa, Abas MaulanaMaguindanao
Kusain, Kalukay MidoMaguindanao
Kusain, Kumagel HadjiMaguindanao
Labado, Zosimo DelmonteSamar
Labagani, Kado PendicMaguindanao
Labang, Rogelio RomaZamboanga del Sur
Labargan, Francisco MagbanuaNegros Occidental
Labatos, Alex Delos SantosNegros Occidental
Labawig, Rodolfo CamilingAbra
Labine, Benvienido LabocSamar
Lacaba, Emmanuel FloresDavao Del Norte
Lacanaria, Maria NapuranEastern Samar
Lacbawan, Mario BinwagNueva Vizcaya
Lacro, Francisco AbugEastern Samar
Ladeza, Arpiano LimSamar
Ladja, Habi AlamSulu
Ladlad, Leticia PascualMetro Manila
Ladtudan, Munib PidcaulanMaguindanao
Lagarteja, Elmer Lis Camarines Norte
Lagazon, Felimon Calma Jr.Tarlac
Lagbo, Juanito GabianaSamar
Lagdamen, Larry IyaganDavao del Sur
Laggui, Perico GammadIsabela
Lagman, Hermon CastelarMetro Manila
Lagman, Maria Lourdes GarduceNueva Ecija
Lagumbay, Maximo Macapas Zamboanga del Sur
Lai, Elmer QuitorianoMisamis Oriental
Laja, Nalin JamasaliTawi-Tawi
Lakibol, Bing BandahalaTawi-Tawi
Lakibol, Indah BandahalaTawi-Tawi
Lakibol, Macsura BandahalaTawi-Tawi
Lali, Salunayan KaguilekSultan Kudarat
Lambayan, Maximino MoldeZamboanga del Sur
Lamela, Melchor Pingol Sr.Surigao del Sur
Lamela, Renfredo SamsonSurigao del Sur
Lamoste, Francisco DuranAgusan del Norte
Lansang, Lorenzo CeliQuezon
Lanto, Salinding Balao DiplomaLanao Del Sur
Lanzaderas, Teofilo RecitasZamboanga del Norte
Lanzona, Eduardo EstrellaDavao Del Norte
Lape, Angelina MalinaoNegros Occidental
Lapitan, Leoncio CabisonCagayan
Lara, Arnulfo Vertudazo Agusan del Norte
Lasula, Floro LopezZamboanga del Sur
Latina, Marlon AquinoLaguna
Lato, Gualberto LamitCapiz
Laurella, Francisco CabatoNueva Vizcaya
Laurente, Leonita SilomenSurigao del Sur
Laurente, Regino CoseCebu
Laurente, Sulpicio UmapasSurigao del Sur
Lauriño, Eleuterio LacnoZamboanga del Sur
Lausa, Rolando RaborNegros Occidental
Laxa, Mariano VelascoMetro Manila
Laya-an, Pastor VillarobiaNegros Occidental
Layag, Napoleon Batanes Quezon
Lazarra, Nestor GerminoEastern Samar
Leaño, Salvador Fabella Sr.Romblon
Leberando, Elmer TolingNorthern Samar
Leberando, Filomino Balingbingan Northern Samar
Leberando, Lourdes TolingNorthern Samar
Leberando, Nicolas Alegria Northern Samar
Lebuna, Efren LozadaIloilo
Lecera, Maximo Jr.  CarpelaDavao del Sur
Legaspi, Fabian BaliliCotabato
Legislador, Edmund RiveraAntique
Leguin, Antonio JuliadoEastern Samar
Leguin, Domingo JocuyaEastern Samar
Leguin, Eustaquio JuliadoEastern Samar
Lemenzo, Miguel MativoDavao Del Sur
Lerio, Leonidas BaynosaBukidnon
Liad, Geronimo NorcioWestern Samar
Liao, Luis ManlunasMisamis Oriental
Libo-on, Wilson PuingNegros Occidental
Libungan, Juanito LupitIlocos Norte
Ligue, Mario AnsingLanao del Norte
Lim, Leonardo GarciaDavao del Sur
Limaco, Lolito RodriguezNegros Occidental
Limbo, Rogelio PintacZamboanga del Sur
Limboy, Alfredo Sesora Sr.Davao del Sur
Lincuna, Raul CallantaAgusan del Norte
Lindong, Meliton NasesAgusan del Sur
Lindungan, Gumama TilendoCotabato
Lingad, Jose BulaonPampanga
Lintang, Haron UnaMaguindanao
Lipio, Rolando BelenAlbay
Lising, Herminio CalaguasPampanga
Listana, Clemente MillenaAlbay
Liwag, Elpedio CasilagQuezon
Llabres, Antonio LoloQuezon
Llanto, Joselo LabutinSamar
Llorente, Teresita EvangelistaBulacan
Lluvido, Alejandro SaperoDavao del Sur
Lluz, Samuel TenederoNorthern Samar
Lobero, Jobe CaliplipNegros Occidental
Lobitos, Jimmy GonjoranCotabato
Locanilao, Norberto ElinoNegros Occidental
Lofranco, Celedonio HernandoDavao del Sur
Lontok, Bayani PulidoQuezon
Lopez, Antonio AlceraQuezon
Lopez, Mariano MejiaIsabela
Lopez, Melecio Vergara Quezon
Lopez, Rodeto Palma Iloilo
Loquias, Ely EmongMisamis Occidental
Loquinte, Leonardo Daplin Jr.Surigao del Sur
Lotino, Merlin TipayCamarines Sur
Lovely, Baltazar BurnsMetro Manila
Loyao, Jeremias LegalSarangani
Lozada, Reymundo CelisIloilo
Lozada, Salvador CelisIloilo
Luage, Santos LasabagaZamboanga del Sur
Luansing, Wilfredo VirtusioCamarines Sur
Lubguban, Felix Lascuña Bukidnon
Lubwangen, Josefina Cayandag[Abra]
Lucuban, Marcelino RacabSamar
Luib, Melecio Japay Jr.Agusan del Norte
Lumabao, Federico BermudezIlocos Norte
Lumacad, Arnold Francisco Camarines Sur
Lumanlan, Alberto RoquePampanga
Lumapit, Emmanuel LazoMetro Manila
Luminding, Carlito AsonMisamis Occidental
Lumintaw, Eving TamotZamboanga del Sur
Lumondao, Tapa Bandala Maguindanao
Luna, Antonio EstibeSurigao del Sur
Lunas, Ruben Marinda Albay
Luneta, Margarita EvangelistaNueva Ecija
Luneta, Nenita EvangelistaNueva Ecija
Lutang, Fernando BinuhayDavao del Sur
Mabahin, Juanito LeguinEastern Samar
Mabanag, Concordio AgustinIlocos Norte
Mabanag, Roger AgustinIlocos Norte
Mabanan, Leo DacanaySamar
Mabanan, Selvino EbitSamar
Mabansag, Jesus PatisSamar
Mabilangan, Armando EdusmaSamar
Mabilangan, Bienvenido AbawagSamar
Mabilangan, Cipriano OboguinSamar
Mabilangan, Eleuterio LebrejaSamar
Mabilangan, Jose EbinSamar
Mabilangan, Lourdes HekSamar
Mabilangan, Victorio JabolinSamar
Mabini, Gregorio AgbanSamar
Mabini, Mario PabunanSamar
Mabulac, Martin DacerSamar
Mabutol, Rosenda JaboneteSamar
Macadag-um, Joelito Panolino South Cotabato
Macado, Felix Beatisula Jr.South Cotabato
Macahipay, Lorenzo Gecole Negros Occidental
Macalino, Nestor InglisDavao del Sur
Macambol, Titing BanselDavao del Sur
Macanang, Feliciano Palma Sr.Cagayan
Macanang, Romulo Palad Cagayan
Macanas, Pablito RagasaSamar
Macasaddu, Eulalio Pagulayan Cagayan
Macasray, Macapangkat AmpuanLanao Del Sur
Maceda, Arturo CabunducanSamar
Madayan, Lucia CabornayCebu
Madera, Rodel Gaudencio OblenaQuezon
Madisa, Adjman GubatTawi-Tawi
Madisa, Ahmad GubatTawi-Tawi
Madisa, Arouiya BandahalaTawi-Tawi
Madisa, Sadriya GubatTawi-Tawi
Madisa, Saliha GubatTawi-Tawi
Mag-aso, Dalmacio C.Agusan del Norte
Mag-usara, Rogelio FlorenMisamis Occidental
Magadan, Rosendo DalapoMisamis Oriental
Magallanes, Rizaldy JesusAklan
Magdasal, Wendelyn RepaldaDavao del Norte
Magdayao, Ricardo Villamor Negros Occidental
Maglangit, Mario CalapizZamboanga del Norte
Maglangit, Valeriano PableoZamboanga del Norte
Magluyan, Generoso PaulinoAntique
Magno, Amador Balagat Cagayan
Magora, Felix Del Rosario Sr.Cagayan
Magpantay, Aurelio DimalibotCavite
Magpatoc, Dominador PeligrinoDavao del Norte
Magpayo, Rudy FlorescaSorsogon
Magtibay, Emma Punongbayan Camarines Norte
Magtibay, Freddie Garin Camarines Norte
Magtibay, Marilyn Garin Camarines Norte
Magtibay, Rosario Garin Camarines Norte
Magtibay, Virgilio Punongbayan Camarines Norte
Maguad, Anaclito Gilua Sr.Antique
Maguialuna, Usop DelangalenMaguindanao
Mahinay, Julieto NavarretteSurigao Del Norte
Mahinay, Rodolfo DollosoNegros Occidental
Mainar, Reynaldo ManayaZamboanga del Sur
Maisling, Marianito VillanuevaMisamis Occidental
Makalbog, Makasendeng Guiamal Maguindanao
Makasilang, Kananautan GebaCotabato
Mala, Datu Sangkulan BandalaSultan Kudarat
Mala, Sangcupan MakagkedSultan Kudarat
Malanday, Helario DamosZamboanga del Norte
Malges, Sumagka BayangSultan Kudarat
Maliga, Sedik MangiMaguindanao
Maligro, Aurelio AlimanAgusan Del Sur
Mallari, Eufemio FerrerasBataan
Mallari, Hermohenes SamsonTarlac
Mallari, Irene ArcillaPampanga
Mallari, Reynaldo ArcillaTarlac
Malong, Paz LongaquitZamboanga del Sur
Malong, Pepito BallesterosZamboanga del Sur
Malugi, Hapsa AndingTawi-Tawi
Malugi, Putli AndingTawi-Tawi
Malugi, Tohdiki AndingTawi-Tawi
Mama, Talib DarpingMaguindanao
Mamalaguia, Abdulgani SulbanCotabato
Mamauag, Rodolfo CanceranIsabela
Mamedted, Akmad GungonCotabato
Mamedted, Lokis EnotMaguindanao
Mamedted, Luna EnotMaguindanao
Mamedted, Mingko EnotMaguindanao
Mamedted, Samboutan EnotMaguindanao
Managuelod, Juan VinaraoIsabela
Manaog, Rodelo Zabala Laguna
Manday, Abid KasanMaguindanao
Manday, Silad KasanMaguindanao
Mande, Benjamin SantosBataan
Mandig, Makakua AkmadCotabato
Mangrag, Abas NanayaoSultan Kudarat
Mangrag, Bulit AbasSultan Kudarat
Mangrag, Ibrahim AbasSultan Kudarat
Mangrag, Matabai AbasSultan Kudarat
Mangulabnan, Evelyn PachecoNueva Ecija
Mangulabnan, Ricardo SoteloNueva Ecija
Mangulamas, Sinambai GuialodinMaguindanao
Manimbo, Renato TurlaBulacan
Manojo, Gil CantutayCotabato
Manonag, Edmundo AguhayonNegros Occidental
Manriquez, Hermetes Alia Jr.Davao del Sur
Mantawil, Guiamaludin SangebanMaguindanao
Mantes, Dolores LisayCamarines Sur
Mapa, Editha RodriguezQuezon
Mapa, Emma RodriguezQuezon
Mapa, Hernando RodriguezQuezon
Mapa, Igmedio RodriguezQuezon
Mape, Romeo Pascua Jr.Sorsogon
Mapi, Rocelo LatonaSorsogon
Maquiniana, Roman CerdeñaQuezon
Marcial, Eulogio RabotanZamboanga del Sur
Marcial, Godiel PateñoMisamis Occidental
Marcial, Rogelio BuenoZamboanga del Sur
Marcos, Rufino BisuecosCagayan
Margate, Jose Rolando PlejeroDavao del Sur
Marita, Jose Jobel JariolNegros Occidental
Martinez, Dionicio OpricioIsabela
Martinez, Dominador LumabaoIlocos Norte
Martinez, Florentino FernandezSurigao del Sur
Martires, Efren GamayEastern Samar
Masbod, Kolitong Ba Sultan Kudarat
Mascariñas, Edwin GomezDavao del Sur
Masdal, Gebay MamaMaguindanao
Masukat, Ebrahim LabaganiMaguindanao
Masukat, Tahil BudiMaguindanao
Matalog, Moises LuansingCamarines Sur
Mateo, Danilo DulinCagayan
Mateo, Samuel GadianoIsabela
Matibag, Sebastian MarquezBatangas
Matignas, Delfin PulosBataan
Matiman, Alimodin Guiamalo Maguindanao
Matiman, Ampang Guiamalo Maguindanao
Matiman, Musali Guiamalo Maguindanao
Matog, Sumama MusaCotabato
Matog, Twing MusaCotabato
Matondo, Angel Laviña Jr.Davao del Sur
Maulana, Hadji Kamid DimalaoMaguindanao
Mayor, Roque Delos ReyesCamarines Sur
Mecinas, Belen CogulloIloilo
Medel, Policarpio MagbanuaNegros Occidental
Medina, Constantino ReyesBulacan
Medina, Gaudencio AmemayZamboanga del Sur
Megellen, Rogelio Sinangote Jr.Negros Occidental
Mendoza, Alfredo LanoDavao del Sur
Mendoza, Armando LanoQuezon
Menil, Roberto CustodioAgusan del Sur
Menoria, Emerito GalindoAgusan del Norte
Meraveles, Francisco CastoloZamboanga Del Norte
Meraveles, Servillano LunjasZamboanga Del Norte
Mercado, Dionesio BalastaNorthern Samar
Meroy, Patricio Hopia Cotabato
Miguel, Anastacio CentenoTarlac
MIjares, Antonio SabuyaAklan
Mike, Nurizma TidalTawi-Tawi
Mike, Ummay TidalTawi-Tawi
Millan, Reynaldo PolicarpioIloilo
Millendez, Julio Feria Negros Occidental
Mintang, Samilon AkmadCotabato
Mipaña, Gil ParaderoDavao del Sur
Mira, Isidro SemblanteZamboanga del Norte
Miranda, Hardinico GomezAgusan del Sur
Mirano, Diapo RoseAklan
Mirasol, Orlando DicalanLanao Del Norte
Mission, Donesio ParanZamboanga del Sur
Misuari, Ibrahim TaladTawi-Tawi
Mittay, Baltazar AtalitApayao
Mittay, Udon BanotanApayao
Mlok, Madi AkmadCotabato
Mokamad, Paramata Kusain HadjiMaguindanao
Moleño, Norma SolidariosAgusan del Norte
Molina, Bittanga LibnaoAbra
Molina, Dandy GandezaAbra
Monares, Claro FloresNegros Occidental
Mondejar, Maria Luz OmbaoNegros Occidental
Monggal, Francisco A.Zamboanga del Norte
Monsanto, Ireneo ArnejoZamboanga del Sur
Montances, Gerardo RiveraSamar
Monte, Felix Borello Sr.Agusan del Norte
Montealto, Rodolfo TapangNegros Occidental
Montellano, Dante SalutilloDavao del Sur
Montemayor, Natividad BaynoSouth Cotabato
Montemayor, Renante BaynoSouth Cotabato
Montemor, George CalungsodDavao Del Sur
Monteras, Supiano BagaCotabato
Monterola, Dominador Dihac Sr.Zamboanga del Sur
Montes, Antonio Oraño Sr.Southern Leyte
Morados, Geronimo ArnadoNegros Occidental
Morales, Antonia BentoyZamboanga del Sur
Morales, Epepanio QuiambaoQuezon
Morales, Tarciano LaurenteAgusan del Sur
Morallos, Jesus RebatoEastern Samar
Morata, Macario BuscaganDavao del Norte
Moratin, Boybilito MonterosoDavao del Sur
Mordeno, Rodrigo CornistaAgusan del Norte
Moreno, Roberto MancaoNegros Occidental
Morga, Graciano PaciaNegros Occidental
Moscoso, Edwin Michael HermosoAntique
Moslares, Delfin OrtinezEastern Samar
Moslares, Ramie LebrijaEastern Samar
Moslares, Rodulfo NebrejaEastern Samar
Motin, Samama LembaMaguindanao
Mucam, Romeo OngDavao del Sur
Muleta, Herman Swetas Negros Occidental
Murilla, Domingo GimordSorsogon
Musa, Dalumabi SaripLanao del Sur
Musa, Sanggutin DatukanMaguindanao
Musa, Usman Abas Cotabato
Mustapha, Kanuwan MamugkatCotabato
Mustapha, Lumadsik Hadjidaud Cotabato
Mustapha, Menok Hadjidaud Cotabato
Nabalitan, Leoncio TurbelaNegros Occidental
Nablo, Ernesto OcenarSamar
Nablo, Ofredo AbarquezSamar
Nablo, Ramer AndalQuezon
Nacion, Fermin LumingkitZamboanga del Sur
Nacua, Alejandro CuizonSouth Cotabato
Naga, Basco KuliNorth Cotabato
Naga, Lea KuliNorth Cotabato
Naga, Maido KuliNorth Cotabato
Naga, Mangusi KuliNorth Cotabato
Naga, Pedtad KuliNorth Cotabato
Naga, Salipada KuliNorth Cotabato
Naig, Henry CatudayEastern Samar
Nait, Endi MaguialesSultan Kudarat
Nait, Insua Bayang Sultan Kudarat
Nalam, Welio Abugatal Sr.Zamboanga del Sur
Nalix, Jaime CebreroEastern Samar
Nalupano, Ignacio Fordan Antique
Namil, Datu Akub Maulana Sultan Kudarat
Naoe, Gerardo Avelino Jr.Metro Manila
Napoles, Juan EchanoCamarines Norte
Naraja, Nemesio GalangueSamar
Narbay, Joel Laburada Davao del Sur
Nartates, Edwin DagunaMetro Manila
Nasa, Lando MagalanteDavao del Sur
Nassa, Datu Nandang Sultan Kudarat
Naul, Alfredo Acosta Davao del Sur
Navaja, Reynaldo Lara Davao del Sur
Navarro, Benrubio SiocDavao del Norte
Navis, Beldo NorcioEastern Samar
Nazareno, Ernesto Dela CruzPampanga
Negrido, Gregorio SomookEastern Samar
Neri, Enemesio AlborZamboanga del Sur
Nicart, Joseph RebecheEastern Samar
Nocos, Vergelio VergaraNegros Occidental
Nogoy, Dominador Romero Sr.Tarlac
Nonado, Emilio EstamioQuezon
Nono, Mariano TomalaNegros Occidental
Nuñez, Alfredo AldayaNegros Occidental
Nupia, Leonilo OcbinaQuezon
Oares, Diogenes BagasbasCamarines Sur
Oares, Rodolfo BagasbasCamarines Sur
Obiena, Glicerio GabaniEastern Samar
Obingayan, Edito DacanaySamar
Obispo, Immanuel MedinaLaguna
Oblino, Ernesto GabananSamar
Oblino, Melchor Paclita Samar
Obon, Pio PlanaEastern Samar
Obor, Antonio RallosSouthern Leyte
Oborsa, Lorenzo AyadSamar
Obregon, Rolando PeregrinoDavao del Sur
Ocasla, Jesus RafalesSamar
Ocasla, Juan PacuanSamar
Ocbian, Loreto ArellanoQuezon
Ocena, Prudito NarajaSamar
Ocenar, Doroteo SevilanaSamar
Oclima, Rustico ManayOriental Mindoro
Octay, Lucrecio SandayoZamboanga del Norte
Odian, Gregorio Viac Jr.Zamboanga del Norte
Odian, Saturnino BiacZamboanga del Norte
Ogong, Aida MaqueZamboanga del Sur
Ogong, Mario BoquiaZamboanga Del Sur
Ogquing, Mateo MaderazoSamar
Olaguer, Ramoncito OliquanoAlbay
Olalia, Ramon DavidPampanga
Oledan, Armando EstrellaDavao del Sur
Olegario, Nilo Arevalo Jr.Metro Manila
Olimpos, Mateo JuanicaNegros Occidental
Olivar, Mateo ColinaresZamboanga del Sur
Oliverio, Rufino Villarmia Negros Occidental
Olvida, Federico SombillaSurigao del Sur
Oman, Angelo EncaboNegros Occidental
Omandam, Rowel BongcawelZamboanga del Sur
Omapas, Margarito CuanoSouthern Leyte
Omar, Hadji AhmadSultan Kudarat
Omar, Kuyag Dalandas Maguindanao
Omar, Puti MamaCotabato
Omar, Salipela DalandasMaguindanao
Omayao, Luis Papas Bukidnon
Omboy, Vicente LadaNegros Occidental
Opinion, Aurora Pajuelas Northern Samar
Orantia, Eladio AltarEastern Samar
Orcullo, Alexander LavisorezDavao del Sur
Orcullo, Dotilo PausalMisamis Occidental
Orcullo, Roberto PausalMisamis Occidental
Orejas, Domingo QuizadaSurigao Del Sur
Orencio, Coreto TaladtadAklan
Ores, Embao MamaMaguindanao
Oreta, Felipe Tabas Negros Occidental
Orgasan, Lou VillarealEastern Samar
Origenes, Iluminado BubaAgusan del Norte
Orillo, Marissa GeleSouthern Leyte
Orillo, Nora GeleSouthern Leyte
Orillo, Romeo OmapasSouthern Leyte
Orillo, Roperto ColesSouthern Leyte
Orillo, Teofilo Gele Jr.Southern Leyte
Orillo, Vilma GeleSouthern Leyte
Oriola, Victoriano PasadillaCamarines Sur
Ornopia, Aniano CustodiaNegros Occidental
Orot, Nenita TrajeNegros Occidental
Orpilla, Willy IñigoSouth Cotabato
Orquin, Melvin SumagdonSamar
Orsal, Felipe PicardalEastern Samar
Ortega, Adriano LuceroSamar
Ortega, Numeriano Roldan Jr.Negros Occidental
Ortigas, Virgil MonteroAntique
Ortiz, Dorotia AdaniNorthern Samar
Ortiz, Lucilo MondejarDavao del Sur
Ortiz, Mathelde GolondrinaNorthern Samar
Ortizo, Emiliano Parreñas Sr.Cotabato
Osorio, Ebelio Tajo Davao del Sur
Ostos, Gresimo Morales, Sr.Agusan del Sur
Otto, Tato SapalSultan Kudarat
Oville, Anastacio SoloZamboanga del Norte
Oyag, Victoriano TawatZamboanga del Norte
Oyao, Bienvenido TelebangcoLeyte
Oyos, Antonio GalloNegros Occidental
Paano, Ellan PorferioEastern Samar
Paano, Orlando EllanEastern Samar
Pablo, Diego HulguinNegros Occidental
Pablo, Julieto FelipeAntique
Pablo, Kamid PaltiMaguindanao
Pabres, Feliciano LlanetaCamarines Norte
Pabro, Jose Bohawe Misamis Oriental
Pabua, Loreta MabiniSamar
Pabua, Narciso Acotem Samar
Pabustan, Juanito LapusTarlac
Pacaldo, Atanacio Tigley Misamis Occidental
Pacañot, Benito JalaAgusan del Sur
Pacardo, Gerardo ConejarCapiz
Pacardo, Juan Biangco Negros Occidental
Pacardo, Nonito Pet Capiz
Pacayra, Vevencio Llauder Samar
Pacleta, Florencio BacarraSamar
Paclita, Marilou MabilanganSamar
Pacon, Serapio AbadiesSamar
Paculanang, Milo PalagZamboanga del Norte
Padayogdog, Samuel SaspaNegros Occidental
Padeway, Lucio AlinaoApayao
Padron, Francisco AcostaIsabela
Padual, Damiano Basijan Eastern Samar
Paduano, Joji SalupezaAklan
Paduga, Felix Dela CruzIloilo
Pag-ong, Laureta DominoZamboanga del Sur
Pagaran, Pedro Hermoso Sr.Cotabato
Pagayao, Usop AliCotabato
Pagendo, Abunawas BasarMaguindanao
Paguio, Jemiliana CasugaBataan
Pagumpana, Bertoldo SalalimaAgusan del Norte
Pagumpana, Noel BorjaAgusan del Norte
Pahayahay, Alberto Paligara Sr.Davao Oriental
Pahayahay, Edilberto BayadogDavao Oriental
Pajaroja, Pablo RongcalesNorthern Samar
Pajaroja, Quereno OrtenesNorthern Samar
Pal, Domingo BactasoSouthern Leyte
Pal, Melanio JanopraSouthern Leyte
Pal, Reynaldo BactasoSouthern Leyte
Palabay, Romulo DucusinIfugao
Palabras, Romeo SupremoDavao del Sur
Palatolon, Dominador NaraAgusan del Norte
Palen, Lebrado PazDavao del Norte
Palencia, Rudy FernandoBukidnon
Pales, Vevencio ComediaCebu
Palmones, Ernesto SoloricoQuezon
Pameron, Alicia SebialZamboanga del Sur
Pameron, Raymundo RocamoraZamboanga del Sur
Panayaman, Hadji Abdullah Guiabal Maguindanao
Pancho, Omar Macmod Maguindanao
Pandita, Agustin DelangalenMaguindanao
Pangan, Ruben VercasionPampanga
Pangga, Buka UsopMaguindanao
Panggo, Abas DaudSultan Kudarat
Pangilamen, Abdulgani Sangkupan Maguindanao
Panisales, Edwin Evangelista Negros Occidental
Pante, Solprino DeusCagayan
Paradeza, Fred EsmilePampanga
Parado, Constancio Raquiza Samar
Parales, Solomon PadillaPalawan
Parcero, Alberto MistasNegros Occidental
Pardalis, Emmanuel LargozaMetro Manila
Pargoso, Potenciano CogononNegros Occidental
Parojinog, Editho TadleZamboanga del Sur
Parong, Jose Juan AlvaredaNueva Vizcaya
Parroco, Allan PacenoAgusan del Norte
Pascua, Rogelio BautistaQuezon
Pasetes, Benedicto MatawaranBulacan
Pasion, Danilo VelancioCagayan
Pasiwen, Peter Rafael MarianoMountain Province
Pastor, Fernando Cezar Jr.Quirino
Pastor, Fernando Tamayo Sr.Quirino
Pastorfide, Antonio Montero Oriental Mindoro
Pastrana, Julia Trases Negros Occidental
Pastrana, Manuel PacardoNegros Occidental
Pateña, Melecio Marquez Jr.Negros Occidental
Pateño, Salvador MagusaraZamboanga del Sur
Patiag, Ismael CaseroNueva Ecija
Patiag, Porferio BanalMetro Manila
Patricio, Jorge DomingoMetro Manila
Patricio, Osias DomingoMetro Manila
Paycana, Noel Arbolente Sr.Quezon
Pedro, Florentino LorenzoQuirino
Pedro, Purificacion AbarroBataan
Pejeda, Ernesto De La Cruz Negros Occidental
Pekit, Carmelito Baco Misamis Occidental
Pelaez, Glenn OrsolinoMisamis Oriental
Pelvera, Jose Lumingkit Jr.Zamboanga del Sur
Pelvera, Jose Nacion Sr.Zamboanga del Sur
Peña, Jacinto Dechavez Cagayan
Peñaflor, Dominador SaavedraCamarines Sur
Peñaflor, Mamerto PanganCamarines Sur
Peñarijo, Losantos CarioCompostela Valley
Pendaliday, H. Maguid MatabalaoMaguindanao
Pendatun, Abdulkadir SamamaMaguindanao
Pendatun, Tonting NandoMaguindanao
Pepito, Placido Nuenay Misamis Occidental
Pepito, Victoriano ContapayLanao Del Norte
Pera, Meynardo DiongcoQuezon
Peralta, Jessie GanibanApayao
Peralta, Maximino AsuncionCagayan
Perez, Arsenio OlivaMetro Manila
Perez, Atanacia GiraySamar
Perez, Dante DizonOriental Mindoro
Perez, Julio CorocotoNorthern Samar
Perol, Romeo FrellisQuirino
Pescadero, Nestor TormesBukidnon
Petalcorin, Raymundo Ortega Compostela Valley
Petilla, Felimon Matobato Jr.Davao del Sur
Petilla, Hector MatobatoDavao del Sur
Phari, Kamsali Saricor Maguindanao
Pialane, Efren CidSamar
Piang, Emong Bandala Sultan Kudarat
Pidcaulan, Ladtudan GundalanganMaguindanao
Pido, Juanito Damacino Sr.Davao del Sur
Piedad, Alejandro MaghinayZamboanga del Sur
Pielago, Juanito UrayCompostela Valley
Pielago, Vicente UrayDavao del Sur
Pilangkat, Udin BaumolMaguindanao
Pilapil, Ramon PalmaCamarines Sur
Pindi, Aisa GampungCotabato
Pindoy, Isidro Violon Cotabato
Pineda, Manuel NavarroTarlac
Pineda, Teofilo Buan Sr.Pampanga
Pinggoy, Genedino DinoyDavao del Sur
Pino-on, Elmerito CortezDavao del Sur
Plaquino, Joel BallenasAntique
Plaza, Rolando BanguisSurigao del Sur
Pogong, Magdaleno DulogenAgusan Del Norte
Pogong, Teofila PangargaAgusan Del Norte
Pomajeros, Ruben OblinoSamar
Pomida, Amado BaliseEastern Samar
Pomida, Miguel AdemosEastern Samar
Pondara, Paulino DuriasZamboanga del Sur
Pondevida, Cristitoto RoblesQuezon
Portem, Francisco SandroLaguna
Portiles, Celso Muntes Sr.Northern Samar
Portugal, Celso Dumas Agusan del Norte
Portuso, Eden TatongZamboanga del Sur
Posas, Rizalina RullodaDavao del Sur
Presores, Abundio GemiligaDavao del Sur
Primor, Rodrigo EmpoyDavao del Norte
Puentenegra, Francisco MadrideñosSouth Cotabato
Puerto, Argie SarominesNegros Occidental
Puerto, Cecelia SarominesNegros Occidental
Puerto, Evangeline SarominesNegros Occidental
Puerto, Porferio SarominesNegros Occidental
Pulad, Guialel MamaMaguindanao
Puro, Rodolfo Gornes Sorsogon
Puti, Abdullah BituanenMaguindanao
Quijada, Damiano CalanCebu
Quimbo, Geronimo LopezZamboanga del Sur
Quimosing, Amante MedinaCagayan
Quimpan, Hilario SarillanaDavao del Sur
Quimpo, Ishmael Ferrer Jr.Nueva Ecija
Quimpo, Ronald Jan FerrerMetro Manila
Quindoza, Ronelo Dela CruzQuezon
Quiño, Eufronio NunezBukidnon
Quiño, Henry BingtanBukidnon
Quinompot, Gliceria NabangueMisamis Oriental
Quismundo, Agustin BatoCompostela Valley
Quitong, Alfredo Pebello Sr.Capiz
Quiza, Bonifacio PagatpatEastern Samar
Quiza, Juan LagosEastern Samar
Rabaya, Teotimo VillarinAgusan del Sur
Rabelista, Teddy DalaoraoMisamis Oriental
Rabuya, Allan Relatado Cotabato
Rabuya, Juanita Relatado Cotabato
Rabuya, Protacio Gabutan Cotabato
Rabuya, Urben Relatado Cotabato
Rabuya, Yolando Relatado Cotabato
Radaza, Leonardo CadalinEastern Samar
Rafael, Jesus EspinoBataan
Rafols, Roger EspacioNegros Occidental
Ragragio, Clemente PatricioAlbay
Raguing, Santos SelorioZamboanga del Norte
Rambac, Ismael AcupidoIsabela
Ramirez, Dionesio Ganiolon Jr.Negros Occidental
Ramirez, Marcelino MendezSurigao del Norte
Ramos, Marcial Magsino Quezon
Ramos, Rodolfo CanlasPampanga
Rancapollo, Victoriano NaingEastern Samar
Ranosa, Alberto LagraMisamis Oriental
Rapada, Isaias OcampoLeyte
Rapada, Jose Concon Agusan del Norte
Rautraut, Wilson CagocoAgusan del Norte
Raynes, Efren OlapanQuezon
Reansales, Avelino AndalQuezon
Rebato, Angel NofiesEastern Samar
Rebato, Cresencia MendezSamar
Rebato, Francisco ParaEastern Samar
Rebato, Nicasio LorezoEastern Samar
Rebato, Oscar Nuguit Jr.Eastern Samar
Recaña, Pedro PortillanoQuezon
Recoy, Calixtro Doños Jr.Metro Manila
Recto, Leonida EstrellaQuezon
Recto, Reynaldo EstrellaQuezon
Redido, Rosano BaldeviaDavao del Sur
Refuncion, Ancis VincioNorthern Samar
Refuncion, Dodo SalingsingNorthern Samar
Refuncion, Luza SalingsingNorthern Samar
Regala, Diosdado Dela CruzPampanga
Regalado, Benicio Callao Sr.Compostela valley
Regalado, Marie Fe SalundaguitCompostela Valley
Regular, Salvador ServantesSamar
Relatado, Renato SabalbaroCotabato
Relativo, Jovencio NasuleZamboanga del Sur
Rellama, Jesus ReantasoCamarines Sur
Renit, Necasio MacraZamboanga del Sur
Repullo, Georgen TuboAgusan del Norte
Revillas, Candelario CamilloZamboanga del Sur
Revocal, Edgardo QuisitinCagayan
Reyes, Alejandro CamposSurigao del Sur
Reyes, Felizardo UntalanQuezon
Reyes, Maximino GabaneSamar
Reyes, Robert BardajeBatangas
Reyes, Sofronio L.Surigao del Sur
Reyes, Victor DandanMetro Manila
Reyes, Wilfredo BayonaNegros Occidental
Ricaforte, Virginia Pam-otDavao del Sur
Ricaredo, Isabelita BongalinNegros Occidental
Rivera, Floro Terenio Tarlac
Rivera, Jesus MacaspacTarlac
Rivera, Norma DimaanoQuezon
Rivera, Ramiro CapistranoQuezon
Rivera, Reynaldo MacaspacTarlac
Roberto, Alfonzo CannawayApayao
Robles, Omarlito PurolDavao del Sur
Robles, Reynaldo LaminariaOriental Mindoro
Roca, Abraham RocaNegros Occidental
Roces, Allan PuaSorsogon
Roces, Bromeo JaucianSorsogon
Roces, Erwin PuaSorsogon
Roces, Jayna PuaSorsogon
Roces, Olivia PuaSorsogon
Roces, Richard PuaSorsogon
Rodriguez, Alson AceronZamboanga del Norte
Rodriguez, Narciso CañeteZamboanga del Norte
Rodriguez, Pepito ManguiatQuezon
Rodriguez, Ramil AceronZamboanga del Norte
Romano, Rosaleo BollerCebu
Romero, Henry Somido 
Romero, Virgilio EspenaNorthern Samar
Rongcales, Oliver MontallanaNorthern Samar
Ronolo, Rodelio Lasponia Lanao del Norte
Ronquillo, Mateo Quirante Sr.Negros Occidental
Roque, Magtangol SayasDavao del Sur
Rosales, Emanuel GencianosDavao del Sur
Rosales, Julio SaysonLanao del Norte
Rosales, Pedro AmadorQuezon
Rosales, Policarpio AlicosMetro Manila
Rosales, Romulo BeduyaSamar
Rosanes, Moises BautistaQuezon
Roscales, Angelo GelilangCapiz
Roxas, Sofronio PongosNorth Cotabato
Rubia, Camilo RamosZamboanga del Sur
Rubiato,  Willy PactolZamboanga del Sur
Rubiato, Christopher P.Zamboanga del Sur
Russel, Enriquito PingorioAgusan Del Sur
Saavedra, Temestocles TimbalAgusan del Norte
Sabanal, Maxima PamatAgusan del Norte
Sabanal, Roger PamatAgusan del Norte
Sabandeja, Loseya EdusmaWestern Samar
Sabay, Benito AsatoDavao del Norte [now Compostela Valley]
Sabidra, Pusdan GandalMaguindanao
Sabio, Luciano Sta. AnaNegros Occidental
Sablad, Pepito SolanoWestern Samar
Sablay, Jose AsuncionCagayan
Sacal, Manuel GalopeMisamis Oriental
Sacare, Juleto SanteNegros Occidental
Saclote, Geofrey CagayaoIloilo
Sacluti, Benito PunzalanLaguna
Sadaya, Oscar MarapaoDavao del Sur
Sagad, Liong AlayMaguindanao
Saganay, Esterlito JumawanZamboanga del Sur
Sagayap, Leonardo RebatoEastern Samar
Saidali, Kusay LadsuganCotabato
Saidali, Taher LadsuganCotabato
Salas, Dionisio MijaresTarlac
Salazar, Eleoterio PattungCagayan
Salazar, Gabriel HernandezIlocos Norte
Sales, Jessica MondezMetro Manila
Sali, Rakman MantugayMaguindanao
Saligidan, Mapandi LimboMaguindanao
Salik, Ecop LucmanMaguindanao
Salik, Johari MetoMaguindanao
Salik, Jong MetoMaguindanao
Salik, Piling LampakMaguindanao
Salik, Sapto AbpetMaguindanao
Salik, Shaihudin RadzakMaguindanao
Salili, Edgardo GomezNegros Occidental
Salingsing, Fe DuranNorthern Samar
Salingsing, Juan RebatoSamar
Saludares, Claudio Jamias Sr.Quirino
Salva Cruz, Manuel AyendeQuezon
Salvacion, Nelson CabadsanLanao del Norte
Salvador, Manuel PelonSamar
Salvador, Rodrigo MaglasangZamboanga del Sur
Salvador, Soledad NacionalBenguet
Salvan, Gaudencio SilvestreAntique
Salvatiera, Dany CabridoCagayan
Samama, Bitol Ala Maguindanao
Samandagan, Tato DilindigenMaguindanao
Sambayon, Manuelito RebutaAgusan del Sur
Sambuto, Hayrudin AplalCotabato
Samijon, Mauricio LoboAgusan del Sur
Samijon, Pantaleona Hinlo Agusan del Sur
Samonte, Angelito SumantingAklan
Samoy, Rogelio DumriqueCagayan
Sampulna, Haron KamidonMaguindanao
Samulde, Clemente LangcoAntique
Sanchez, Aldrick GarciaAntique
Sanchez, Helario Sumampong Davao del Norte
Sanchez, Maxima Geñoso Davao del Norte
Sanchez, Plaridel Escalona IV Antique
Sanchez, Segundino SolimoMetro Manila
Sandigan, Tambak KapompongCotabato
Sangdaan, Leonardo MadalcosAbra
Sanggawa, Marlyn Liyo Quirino
Sangki, Kalti PanangilanMaguindanao
Sangrio, Narciso IsidroQuezon
Sanig, Tinda SubanoZamboanga del Norte
Sansaluna, Ali NenengMaguindanao
Sansano, Matias SimonIsabela
Sansawi, Musa DulatNorth Cotabato
Santiago, Isabelo Manayan Cagayan
Santo, Abdulkarim AbdukMaguindanao
Santos, Antero GuerreroIsabela
Santos, Ramon LunaMetro Manila
Santos, Vevencio BravoBataan
Sapal, Dikay GuiamanMaguindanao
Sapal, Tangcop AliSultan Kudarat
Sapalon, Baysa EdonCotabato
Sapalon, Tonina EdonCotabato
Sapico, Aristedie LozadaNegros Occidental
Sapsal, Ferdinand CabarabanDavao del Sur
Sarabi, Ibrahim Ummat 
Sarama, Saniya HandingZamboanga del Sur
Saranza, Juan BaptismaSurigao del Sur
Sarce, Diosdado LamaclamacCotabato
Sarceno, Sammy PerezSamar
Sarentas, Romeo BocabalNegros Occidental
Saripada, Sultan Maamor Disomimba DipatuanLanao Del Sur
Sarmiento, Andres CarionZamboanga del Sur
Saron, Arnulfo EspinaDavao del Sur
Sarzate, Roger GavinoNueva Vizcaya
Sayat, Angelina PortoBulacan
Sayat, Severino SadiangcolorQuezon 
Saycula, Insani HadjailTawi-Tawi
Sayson, Alexander BacaroDavao del Sur
Sayson, Melicio Jr. SanchezZamboanga del Sur
Sebello, Anthony LotinoCamarines Sur
Sebello, Rexibe LotinoCamarines Sur
Senadaor, Brigadieto AlfarasAgusan del Norte
Senoc, Cornelio VallejosSouthern Leyte
Senoc, Feliciano BasasSouthern Leyte
Seprioto, Salvador BrigueraBulacan
Serado, Edmund Obeso Davao del Sur
Seva, John Dela Cruz Negros Occidental
Sevilla, Eloy Manalo Jr.Tarlac
Sicat, Gil ZablanPampanga
Sidro, Roben DagunApayao
Sigue, Anastacio YamidoZamboanga del Sur
Sigue, Marsalisa SohonZamboanga del Sur
Silao, Rafael PialagoDavao del Sur
Silongan, Zaylon AliodinCotabato
Silvano, Antonio RaquizaSamar
Silvano, Orlito BartolomeNegros Occidental
Simangan, Benito LannaCagayan
Simbahan, Artemio LarzanoQuezon
Simon, Doroteo ProvidoQuezon
Simulaba, Elgin VillaflorAntique
Sison, Francisco CanlasMetro Manila
Sison, Modesto CastroQuezon
Solana, Nicolas Moralizon Jr.Davao Oriental
Solasco, Julieto MahusayMisamis Oriental
Solis, Vicente OlingZamboanga del Sur
Somera, Dionisio Dela CruzQuirino
Somera, Rodolfo TungculCagayan
Somook, Jimmy QuizaEastern Samar
Soreño, William JacaboNegros Occidental
Soriano, Ereneo GuinucudIsabela
Soriano, Romulo GasminIsabela
Sta. Ana, Edwin TapangAntique
Sta. Ana, Ronilo JapanaNegros Occidental
Suarez, Juanito Descartin Jr.Negros Occidental
Subong, Geminiano PaunonIloilo
Sugabo, Rumolo CatilocMisamis Occidental
Sugatan, Felix L. Cotabato
Sulaiman, Guialal AbayMaguindanao
Sulaiman, Teng Masukat Maguindanao
Sulanting, Kandidato SagadMaguindanao
Sumalinog, Edilberto CantraronaMetro Manila
Sumalinog, Jerry Basa Agusan del Norte
Sumalpong, Alfredo C.Misamis Occidental
Sumatra, Guillermo BastasaAgusan Del Sur
Sumatra, Roberto VaronAgusan del Sur
Sumilang, Michael JardinianoQuezon
Sungcalang, Jaime CalumiaZamboanga del Sur
Suprecencia, Meldrid ChavesCapiz
Supsupin, Elpidio Delos ReyesBataan
Supsupin, Emerson Delos ReyesBataan
Surban, Salvador MariakaZamboanga del Sur
Suyat, Benjamin BuenaCamarines Norte
Suyon, Agosto LaaoAbra
Tabino, Melchor GardeNegros Occidental
Tabios, Flordeliz MarbaMisamis Oriental
Tabios, Ireneo PagalanMisamis Oriental
Tablada, Danilo LabongSamar
Tabontabon, Emelita BalibalitaSamar
Tac-an, Simplicio Ramones Davao del Sur
Tacbil, H. Sansawi Kanapia Sultan Kudarat
Tagamolila, Antonio SandovalAklan
Taguegaya, Kamsa MatagmamaSultan Kudarat
Taguegaya, Samuel JasminMaguindanao
Tahir, Mama SimpalMaguindanao
Takbil, Madisa BandahalaTawi-Tawi
Takulanga, Malawan Malugayak Maguindanao
Talaue, Anastacio CalluengIsabela
Talip, Alejandro AtiaZamboanga del Norte
Talip, Amelito LuminginZamboanga del Norte
Talip, Plente LuminginZamboanga del Norte
Talusob, Sabdula BansilMaguindanao
Tamac, Stanley TalipZamboanga del Norte
Tambilingan, Gana Tinagak Sultan Kudarat
Tambilingan, Mustapha Tambungalan Sultan Kudarat
Tamboong, Armelito CabungcalAntique
Tamot, Dinong DonzaloZamboanga del Sur
Tamot, Moneto PortusoZamboanga del Sur
Tamot, Tagot DonzaloZamboanga del Sur
Tamparong, Cirilo MaghanoyZamboanga del Norte
Tamparong, Jesus ApyagZamboanga del Norte
Tan, Manuel LlavoreNegros Occidental
Tanallon, Fernando De Dios Negros Occidental
Tangan, Leonardo Salvador BabaranCagayan
Tangkol, Amad KentingMaguindanao
Tanjay, Edilberto SegoviaAgusan Del Norte
Tanjay, Romeo SasingAgusan del Norte
Tanog, Magolawan MolanLanao del Sur
Tanyap, Dionita PagalonganZamboanga del Norte
Taojo, Romraflo RosarosoDavao del Norte
Taup, Daud MamaMaguindanao
Taup, Oker TaogiMaguindanao
Tawang, Patta OkkehTawi-Tawi
Tayag, Carlos NuquiMetro Manila
Tebbeng, Najjiria AbduhramanZamboanga del Sur
Tebbeng, Nurhina AbduhramanZamboanga del Sur
Tebbeng, Nurrain AbduhramanZamboanga del Sur
Tebbeng, Nursabha AbduhramanZamboanga del Sur
Tebbeng, Usman IddingZamboanga del Sur
Tedio, Virgilio LapuraCotabato
Tejero, Antonio GayoEastern Samar
Tejero, Nonito Rivas Sr. Surigao del Sur
Tejones, Cesar TayoNegros Occidental
Teka, Daila DumagosNorth Cotabato
Ternora, Carlos MarcosCagayan
Ternora, Melecio MarcosCagayan
Ternora, William SuguitanCagayan
Terrazola, Benjamin Brojan Jr.Albay
Tibayan, Aniceto TecsonIsabela
Tibayan, Romeo Tecson Jr.Isabela
Tidula, Alejandro Cabalungga Iloilo
Tiglao, Rogelio DizonBulacan
Timan, Esmael BandalaSultan Kudarat
Timple, Rodrigo BelmonteCagayan
Tingzon, Gloria SapetinSamar
Tismo, Roberto EnfernoRizal
Tisoy, Jose GuabSorsogon
Tobiano, Robet GellaZamboanga del Sur]
Togonon, Emilio ManggaNegros Occidental
Tolentino, Julieta MartinCagayan
Tolentino, Rogie LegayeNegros Occidental
Tolentino, Villamor VegaCagayan
Toling, Juanita Dela CruzNorthern Samar
Toling, Marlon Dela-CruzNorthern Samar
Toling, Pording PahotNorthern Samar
Tomas, Fredie BitagunCagayan
Tomeñio, Damian EbiasSamar
Tonido, Juanito AngeloLeyte
Toralba, Jose HipaSorsogon
Torlao, Gloria UmotoyNueva Ecija
Tornandizo, Baldomero PanonsiarZamboanga del Sur
Torno, Petronilo BautistaQuezon
Torredo, Edgar Villasor Negros Occidental
Torres, Alex GabrielBenguet
Torres, Amanteflor Argonza Sr.Cagayan
Torres, Roberto ButacIsabela
Trajano, Archimedes FranciscoMetro Manila
Traya, Crispin LapazCotabato
Tuankali, Ampen LayangMaguindanao
Tuankali, Tato NasaMaguindanao
Tubac, Ampao GualaMaguindanao
Tubban, Berting BatagCagayan
Tubianosa, Janito AlagosAntique
Tuble, Dominador SistosoDavao del Sur
Tubungbanua, Robin VelezZamboanga del Norte
Tugon, Raul SolanaNegros Occidental
Tul-id, Dario LodiomonZamboanga del Sur
Tuliao, Herminigildo PatalitanIsabela
Tumaliuan, Apolonio AgustinCagayan
Tumaliuan, Leon PagulayanIsabela
Tunggian, James DamalZamboanga del Sur
Tupaz, Angelo GlorianCapiz
Turqueza, Simplicio QuirokIsabela
Ubay, Gilbert DuldulaoIsabela
Ulama, Open Mangianay Sultan Kudarat
Ulie, Belona DayaDavao del Sur
Ullong, Abdulbayan MacalinggangCotabato
Ullong, Manding MacalinggangNorth Cotabato
Ultra, Honorato EmpolNorthern Samar
Umal, Tari Magelna Maguindanao
Umali, Ysmael GonzalesCavite
Umbo, Mindo AtoMaguindanao
Ungkil, Tato BilalangMaguindanao
Untalan, Gavino RamirezQuezon
Uray, Alfredo LadezaDavao del Sur
Uray, Bienvenido Ladeza Cotabato
Uri, Boyet AdjiliTawi-Tawi
Uri, Kadir AdjiliTawi-Tawi
Uriarte, Felix AmbraySurigao del Sur
Usman, Menang HadjiMaguindanao
Usman, Suwib TugisMaguindanao
Utto, Dayao SapalSultan Kudarat
Uwad, Gansala AbdulMaguindanao
Uwad, Guiamalon GanslaMaguindanao
Uwad, Peto GuianselaMaguindanao
Uyanguren, Ulpiano AlbosDavao del Sur
Valcos, Danilo Collantes Jr.Metro Manila
Valdez, Alfredo LlantoCagayan
Valdez, Anselmo LaureMisamis Occidental
Valdez, Jose LlantoCagayan
Valdez, Nemesio CascayanIlocos Norte
Valdez, Wilfredo Laure Bukidnon
Valenzuela, Teofilo BarcenasBataan
Valerio, Nilo CasillejosBenguet
Varela, Sabuisano SarcedaSurigao del Sur
Vargas, Felix TapallaQuezon
Varon, Abner BiadoraAntique
Vaz, Allan MartinezSurigao del Sur
Velasco, Nestor GuardaWestern Samar
Venturillo, Rolando CorditaDavao Del Sur
Verano, Angel Liamilo Jr.Negros Occidental
Versoza, Bienvenido BaltaoSamar
Vicente, Emelio OpiniaAgusan del Norte
Victosa, Jesusano Barredo Sr.Negros Occidental
Vidal, Apolonio Galdiano Agusan del Norte
Vidal, Nestor Noja Agusan del Sur
Viernes, Marietta OracionMisamis Occidental
Viernes, Orlando CorsinoMisamis Occidental
Viernes, Ronaldo OracionMisamis Occidental
Vijer, Silvestre MartinezCagayan
Villabito, Florentino Gilyang Cotabato
Villabito, Norman BedajaCotabato
Villacillo, Venerando DavidMetro Manila
Villacura, Juanito EmitZamboanga del Norte
Villaflor, Crispin RamosDavao del Sur
Villalba, Rufo DiazSurigao del Sur
Villaluz, Dionisio AsisCamarines Norte
Villanueva, Marcelino MercadoMetro Manila
Villar, Dan Edgar MequilaAntique
Villarde, Orlando ButayCagayan
Villarta, Cirilo DesalinWestern Samar
Villarubia, Donato Duyag Jr.Lanao del Norte
Villarubia, Pedro VerastigeQuezon
Villegas, Romeo BanglosDavao Del Sur
Villegas, Welfredo BanglosDavao Del Sur
Vilvestre, Antonio Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Vilvestre, Felix Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Vilvestre, Florencito Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Vilvestre, Jaime Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Vilvestre, Mericor Baidiango Zamboanga del Norte
Virgo, Jose TenorioAklan
Vistal, Rogelio SuarezSurigao del Sur
Vita, Benjamin LaoCagayan
Vitor, Jaime AcompañadoDavao Del Sur
Wabingga, Rodolfo TumaobDavao del Sur
Wacab, Samilon MaulanaCotabato
Wahab, Kablon BilalangMaguindanao
Wahing, Wilson OponSurigao del Sur
Waslo, Anecita RatunilMisamis Oriental
Yago, Maricel BanalCamarines Norte
Yago, Medardo TalentoCamarines Norte
Yambo, Arcadio TunayCompostela Valley
Yanay, Alberto Balingbingan Northern Samar
Yanay, Alejandro Ortiz Northern Samar
Yanay, Joemar Opinion Northern Samar
Yanay, Medino Ortiz Northern Samar
Yanay, Rhoda Ortiz Northern Samar
Yanay, Vivencio Ortiz Jr.Northern Samar
Yanay, Zaldie Ortiz Northern Samar
Yandoc, Reynaldo LinaoBulacan
Yapot, Juan VillarealSamar
Ybañez, Benjamen PableoAgusan del Norte
Ybañez, Diosdado MangobatBukidnon
Ybañez, Rolan YlaganCebu
Yumul, Felimon OcampoTarlac
Yuson, Lamberto LadionLanao del Norte
Yuson, Rosalindo LadionLanao del Norte
Zainal, Norma KasidMaguindanao
Zaldivar, Mamerto Tua Jr.Antique
Zamora, Maureno Magallano Misamis Occidental
Zangkala, Quezon KamenzaMaguindanao
NamePlace of Incident
Abantao, Eufemia MabansagSamar
Acapulco, Felicidad AchacosoEastern Samar
Acusar, Blanca TubaMisamis Oriental
Adona, Mellie BarataEastern Samar
Agor, Manolita VillarenteSouth Cotabato
Alcantara, Nathan EstilloreBenguet
Aldea, Ramon JubiloMetro Manila
Alingod, Teresita RabagoIsabela
Alisaca, Susana NacionSarangani
Alvaro, Pablito YsitoMetro Manila
Anas, Marlyn LituanZamboanga del Norte
Ang, Maria Elena DuranRizal
Anguilid, Diomedes HampacZamboanga del Norte
Arce, Lecifina DumayagCotabato
Arellano, Dolores NuñezDavao Oriental
Argenal, Thelma LovelyMetro Manila
Armonio, Merlyn CamanAntique
Arnaiz, Josefina LascoñaZamboanga del Norte
Arnaiz, Rosenda EvangelistaDavao Oriental
Arquiza, Mary Fe BabanMisamis Oriental
Atienza, Monico MontenegroMetro Manila
Awan, Ederlinda AmigablePampanga
Bacani, Dominador PadawanNueva Vizcaya
Baccay, Florfina CabigayanSamar
Bacsal, Felicisima LegeraEastern Samar
Bajado, Angelita GuraEastern Samar
Baldazano, Beata PlatinoEastern Samar
Balicao, Ramon BawalanAbra
Banquiad-Dongawen, LitaIlocos Sur
Barandino, Araceli LucidoEastern Samar
Barid, Merlita PacitanIlocos Norte
Batucan, Julito Capin Sr.Agusan del Norte
Batula, Juanita PacayraSamar
Bautista, Jolie PadadaDavao Oriental
Bawagan, Maria Cristina PargasPampanga
Bedoya, Consolation CalvoAgusan del Sur
Bermudez, Delia BalaguerQuezon
Berry, Semaco TuloDavao del Sur
Bobonao, Carolina BaculoSamar
Bobonao, Rita SablawSamar
Bolastig, Junnie TecsonBukidnon
Borja, Rosemarie NavidadEastern Samar
Borromeo, Raquel LegardeSorsogon
Bravo, Leonor UmenganCagayan
Breboneria, Estela LlameraSorsogon
Cabado, Rodolfo ValeraIloilo
Cabalhao, Maria EncinasSamar
Cabarloc, Berne ToledoMetro Manila
Cabatingan, Felivergie HernandezDavao del Sur
Cabigayan, Nelia GalvezSamar
Cabilla, Willy PaderogSouth Cotabato
Cabornay, Vicente AbanagSamar
Cabrigas, Emelita GacumaSamar
Candano, Romeo VistaAlbay
Capacite, Josefina BulaEastern Samar
Carillo, Paz BanganIsabela
Caselo, Nenita GelacioNegros Occidental
Castillo, George RingorBatangas
Castillo, Romeo SuriagaMetro Manila
Castro, Fortunato MananquilTarlac
Catayas, Rene LumantingDavao del Norte
Cesista, Erminda AmoscoEastern Samar
Cobitan, Maria YakitEastern Samar
Colano, Emma VillonDavao Occidental
Collado, Edwin QuebralLa Union
Curay, Lolita ReuyanDavao del Sur
Dadbe, Claria GabonSamar
Dagumay, Fidelina MabagSamar
Dala, Lourdes LamodinDavao del Sur
Dala, Lourdes MantalabaDavao del Sur
Dannang, Marilynda BalutocAbra
Datu, Salvacion BajoTarlac
de Leon, Roberto YoingcoMetro Manila
Decio, Lolita PejanaSamar
Dejino, Ignacio EnclonarDavao del Sur
del Campo, Evelyn GobalaneCompostela Valley
del Rosario, Teresita BernardoMetro Manila
dela Cruz, Salvacion SantiagoCagayan
Diaz, Jelo GorolloSouth Cotabato
Diaz, Lasina Damas Capiz
Domingo, Teresa TostosIfugao
Dula, Candelaria GaleroNorthern Samar
Ebias, Rosita LabongSamar
Ellorando, Ma. Annie DuzonSamar
Embile, Mesalina AristonSorsogon
Encinares, Leonora FerrerasSorsogon
Escaros, Elena BillonesSorsogon
Esclanda, Ma. Lourdes RepunoMetro Manila
Escobedo, Salvacion AcuñaSorsogon
Estrella, Adelina AraojoQuezon
Evangelista, Eulalio MandigmaQuezon
Fernandez, Josephine ValienteIsabela
Fernando, Eufemia GeldoreDavao del Sur
Flores, Eugenio Camaling Jr.Bukidnon
Forteo, Lutgarda GarroteSorsogon
Francisco, Marilyn VerdeNegros Occidental
Fuentenegra, Zaldy [Madredeños]South Cotabato
Gabiana, Florita MendozaSorsogon
Gabilan, Cherlina BacaniaNegros Occidental
Gacosta, Arturo GapasSorsogon
Gadiano, Mario AguilarLaguna
Galindez, Virginia BaximenEastern Samar
Gallardo, Marian FulongSorsogon
Galvez, Violeta RafalesSamar
Gamo, Robert QuintosLaguna
Garcia, Leonida GrencioSorsogon
Garcia, Renato AndenMetro Manila
Garing, Elenita NuenaDavao del Sur
Garinggo, Jelly GelacioNegros Occidental
Gelina, Corazon VocesEastern Samar
Gersin, Hariet LascanoEastern Samar
Gobalani, Maura WenceslaoCompostela Valley
Gonzales, Ma. Florida CajadaNegros Occidental
Granada, Rowena PoliquitDavao del Sur
Gualvez, Amelia GrajoSorsogon
Guitoria, Luz RoncalesEastern Samar
Gumander, Camela BantayaoZamboanga del Sur
Haro, Norberto Espinol Sr.Sorsogon
Hayahay, Bigok SalahaySurigao del Sur
Herbon, Paz OsitEastern Samar
Huinda, Marivic ReuyanDavao del Sur
Iglesias, Carolina DolorEastern Samar
Ilagan, Bonifacio ParabuacMetro Manila
Inting, Emerberto ViolangoCebu
Jandoc, Luz SalayIlocos Sur
Jemino, Agustina TupazCapiz
Juanites, Julie Ann CañoNegros Occidental
Juhud, Minda HadjiSulu
Labado, Evelyn YabongSamar
Labalan, Aurora BobonaoSamar
Laboc, Candida AbalosEastern Samar
Laguna, Lea PlatinoEastern Samar
Lanugan, Crisanta CipresSurigao del Sur
Lapidan, Dahlia SaludarDavao del Sur
Laquina, Corazon SerenioDavao del Sur
Lara, Rosita CodilloEastern Samar
Lascano, Iluminada GersinEastern Samar
Laxa-Biscarra, Marimar ValienteMetro Manila
Lazarra, Milagros PomarejosEastern Samar
Legaspi, Milagros LumabiMetro Manila
Lopez, Gloria NavarroSamar
Lorio, Bienvinido Juanillo Davao del Sur
Lucido, Eufracia AclonEastern Samar
Mabaet, Consorcia NavarroSamar
Macanang, Virginia BerbanoCagayan
Malana, Victor LopezMetro Manila
Malinag, Warlita OrpillaSamar
Malupangue, Diosdada SaliZamboanga del Norte
Mancao, Martin Jubay Jr.Davao del Sur
Manisan, Manuel MahawanMisamis Occidental
Manog, Ruben PacuribSamar
Mape, Leon PascuaSorsogon
Maranan, Aida SantosMetro Manila
Marasigan, Dennis Atienza 
Marasigan, Gonzalo ValerioLaguna
Mariano, Gerryfer TomeBataan
Masloc, Nany IsananSamar
Mayan, Josephine VillaruelNegros Occidental
Millos, Antonia AblayEastern Samar
Miranda, Erlinda CarriedoTarlac
Montañez, Augusto SaberolaAlbay
Montopar, Erlinda OdevillasSamar
Mosende, Erlene DangoyDavao del Sur
Narciso, Hilda BillanoDavao del Sur
Natividad, Minerva BelsondaLaguna
Nazarita, Amalia BrietaDavao del Sur
Novelo, Godito De MesaQuezon
Oblino, Evangeline JarabeEastern Samar
Obona, Teresa AbalosSamar
Ogavar, Dolores BaluisSamar
Oliverio, Piolita EngrovaSurigao del Sur
Ordoña, Rondita AcibarSamar
Orozco, Maximo ResplandorQuezon
Ortega, Mary Jade CaranelNegros Occidental
Orteza, Nathaniel AlviolaMetro Manila
Pacana, Annabelle QuitorianoMisamis Oriental
Paclita, Loreta MabilanganSamar
Pacsa, Jilde NebrilSamar
Pacsual, Damaso JacintoCagayan
Pacuan, Patrocenia NacarioSamar
Palabay, Jesus DucusinMetro Manila
Parle, Shirlita De AsisCapiz
Peilago, Anthony JagunosDavao del Sur
Pescadero, Alfredo CarbonellaLeyte
Platino, Armelita OplearioEastern Samar
Platino, Rosario OplearioEastern Samar
Poblador, Arnold AlmoiteSouth Cotabato
Policarpio, Analyn LaganhonNegros Occidental
Pugong, Esberta BenitoIsabela
Quijano, Wilfredo RachoMisamis Oriental
Rafales, Aurelia CabornaySamar
Ramento, Jose OrfanelQuezon
Ramo, Anita DumayaZamboanga del Norte
Ramon, Thelma LiwananDavao Oriental
Ramos, Leonida DelicaQuezon
Rebato, Violeta EbiasSamar
Recatilo, Marissa MacawileSamar
Recto, Pedro PerillaQuezon
Regala, Elina AbajonNegros Occidental
Remulta, Eva GasatayaDavao del Sur
Repuno, Trinidad GerillaMetro Manila
Ribong, Iluminada NebridaEastern Samar
Robles, Antonio LadiaMetro Manila
Robles, Leonela SantiagoNegros Occidental
Rodavia, Carolina ArcillaAgusan del Sur
Rodriguez, Ma. Cristina VerzolaMetro Manila
Roncales, Belen NavesEastern Samar
Roque, Lualhati SayasPampanga
Rosales, Loretta Ann PargasMetro Manila
Rosales, Rosita AlegriaSamar
Rosel, Zosima TotanesSamar
Roxas, Mabel RobionMetro Manila
Sancho, Agnes de los ReyesDavao del Sur
Santiana, Jessica de DiosSamar
Santos, Enrique LintagBataan
Sarona, Thelma DomaelSamar
Segovia, Emma CorderoDavao del Sur
Selpa, Armando EngcoyBukidnon
Serrano, Erlinda AragonCagayan
Soriano, Rosita GomezTarlac
Soriano, Zenaida De MesaLaguna
Surbona, Mario TallorinMetro Manila
Swezey, Osqugama FerrerCapiz
Tagle, Susan VelasquezMetro Manila
Taoy, Encarnacion MoloAgusan del Sur
Tapac, Nelly OrqueEastern Samar
Tribunalo, Hanadia TaguinesNegros Occidental
Unlad, Leonora PreciosoAgusan del Sur
Usad, Elmerindo TigonZamboanga del Norte
Vale, Alfonsa AwaDavao del Sur
Vegara, Amelia Pili 
Vertudazo, Rosalie ValentinAgusan del Sur
Victoriano, Lourdes LumenMetro Manila
Vilbar, Francisco SalvaleonCebu
Vinculado, Joel DagamacMetro Manila
Wright, Josefina KaragdagMetro Manila
Yacob, Zunaila OmarMaguindanao
Zamora, Victor BanggaQuezon

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