Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years

The book chronicles the lives of the Quimpo family during the Martial Law years. The Quimpo siblings, Lys, Norman, Emilie, Caren, Lillian, Nathan, Jan, Ryan, Jun, and Susan were heavily involved in the anti-Marcos struggle during this time. Their involvement was varied to different organizations, ranging from the religious sector, the theater, and even the CPP-NPA. Some of them were even imprisoned, tortured, and even killed. Each of the 8 surviving siblings wrote at least a portion of the book, with most of it written by Susan and Nathan.

The book was first published by Anvil Publishing, Inc. in March 2012, and has currently undergone four printings. The book can be found in select bookstores, but one may contact Anvil Publishing for a copy.

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